News "On their dismissal, there is the signature Ray"

“On their dismissal, there is the signature Ray”


“The work does not touch it”, “enough is enough, we are tired of it”. Protesting with banners and megaphones on the steps that lead to the palazzo Senatorio and the ex-employees until a few weeks ago in the collection ” door to door dedicated to shops, schools, hospitals, public offices. Now at the risk of dismissal.

Ama is carrying out the separate collection of the so-called “non domestic users” doing less of the 270 workers of Roma Multiservizi, Sea and Isam (united into a temporary Network of enterprise), who have carried out the service in batches and the contract awarded in November 2018.

A reliance that over time has seen heavy critical. And that the Municipality has partially erased, and put-in-chief to Love. No protection, however, has been provided to the workers who carried out the service over the last two years. You are seen to deliver letters of dismissal in full emergency coronavirus (procedures, then suspended by governmental decrees related to the pandemic). And they did immediately starting mobilisation supported by the trade unions asking to be internalized in Love.

By weeks, with the reopening of the activities after two months of lockdown, the protests go ahead without stop and without a response from the Capitol. Today, another sit-in. A delegation was received by the director general Franco Giampaoletti. On Tuesday, the Ama has convened to discuss the plan assunzionale, but still no certainty.

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“After that, for years, with their sweat, they have offered an essential public service, now Loves them download to make cash, taking advantage of the emergency covid – discuss Alessandro Russo, of Fp Cgil Roma e Lazio – the mayor-Rays after you have demanded the extension of the pap abandon these people. On their redundancies, there is his signature”.



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