Technology On iPhones will appear in the widgets. On iPad...

On iPhones will appear in the widgets. On iPad — handwriting. And the hours — sleep tracking (and hand washing!) Apple spoke about the future of their operating systems. The main thing


iOS 14

Apple has completely redesigned the interaction with a home screen added in iOS 14 application widgets. Widgets with useful information placed on the home screen with application icons. Their sizes are adjusted manually, for example, you can make the app bar with the forecast of more and less.

In addition, iOS 14 work library application located to the right of all pages of the home screen. The library has a smart categorization of installed apps: the iPhone can automatically sort folders programs for social, sports or entertainment. Most used apps will be displayed first. More from the library of applications you can hide unwanted home screens.

14 in iOS on iPhones will appear in the mode of “picture in picture”. This means that Apple is finally can watch the show and read the Medusa. Well or chat on the video chat, simultaneously ordering food or making notes. By the way, incoming calls and Siri voice assistant is now displayed not in full screen: the call notification like push notification and Siri wakes up in the shape of a glowing Orb at the bottom of the screen.

In 14 there will be iOS App Clips — simplified versions of the apps up to 10 megabytes downloaded, the assurances of Apple, just a few seconds. These mini-versions of large programs will allow you to get instant access to the desired functions. For this you need to scan code App Clip camera or holding a phone to the NFC tag. After that you can easily rent a motor scooter or buy coffee. But it is not known how widespread such codes will be in Russia.

More important

  • In messages you can pin the most important chats.
  • Apple maps become more comfortable where they can work effectively; for Cycling routes will take into account the height differences.
  • IOS 14 has an automatic translator that works in conversation mode — without Internet connection. Russian will be available immediately at launch with English, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other languages.
  • Siri will learn to send voice messages.
  • Cheers, can to choose a browser and a mail app by default!

P. S. Updates AirPods (cool!)

AirPods soon will switch between Apple devices — for example, if you hear a bell, they will switch from the computer to the iPhone.

And AirPods Pro is working surround sound system that will keep track of in space, head movements and the device on which the sound is reproduced. Thus enhanced the effect of presence, which is especially important for movies, TV series and games.



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