News On day 18 of the new normal, Mexico reached...

On day 18 of the new normal, Mexico reached a maximum of contagions of COVID-19


National overview of COVID-19 (Picture: Steve Allen)

The Secretariat of Health (SSa) reported this Thursday, June 18, that the infections COVID-19 accumulated 165,455. In addition, since the beginning of the epidemic, Mexico has suffered 19,747 fatalities.

In the country there are 23,528 confirmed cases assets, which represent the epidemic active in the country. There are 228,248 negative cases, 59,778 suspects, and a total of 453,481 people studied. José Luis Alomía, Director General of Epidemiology, reported that the evening lecture of today is the number 111, and that it is day 18 of the “New normal”.

On the international scene, confirmed cases and assets (from 5 to 18 June) by region of the World Health Organization focus on America: 992,562 cases or 54.4 percent. The Eastern Mediterranean records 267,471 cases or 14.6 percent. The total number of confirmed cases worldwide is 8,242,999 but those confirmed in the last 14 days are 1,825,983 or 22 per cent. The case fatality rate overall is 5.4 percent.

Suspected cases and confirmed by federal entity (Photo: SSa)

Suspected cases and confirmed by federal entity (Photo: SSa)

In the map of confirmed cases cumulative reported 129.5 is the rate of cumulative incidence for 100,000 inhabitants. By federative entity, the majority of registered cases are concentrated in the City of Mexico with 40,021the State of Mexico with 26,079, and Tabasco, with 7,593. The minority are in Baja California Sur with 1,122, Zacatecas with 612, and Colima with 339.

In the distribution of the epidemic activefrom 5 to June 18 confirmed cases in the City of Mexico are 4,141, the State of Mexico with 2,655, and Puebla, with 1,340. The three institutions with the lowest amount are: Zacatecas with 177, Chihuahua with 143, and Colima with 89.

The graph of deaths accumulated date of death informs that include 1,868 deaths suspicious. The three entities with the largest record of deaths accumulated are Mexico City, Mexico State, and Baja California. On the contrary, Zacatecas, Baja California Sur and Colima, are the three with the lowest record.

The curve epidemic in the country at the June 18, maintains a upward trend when you combine the confirmed cases with suspected cases. The majority of suspected cases were concentrated in Mexico City, Mexico State, Sonora, Nuevo León, and Coahuila.

Deaths accumulated by federal entity (Photo: SSa)

Deaths accumulated by federal entity (Photo: SSa)

The accumulated charge reports that there are 5,662 new cases confirmed in 24 hours: an increase of 3.5% on the previous day.

In the occupation, and availability of hospital, to June 17, the Red SARI reported that there are 13,040 beds SARI general available and 11,202 (46%) occupied. The beds SARI with a fan there are 5,136 available and 3,328 (39%) occupied. Of the 812 hospitals reporting, 780 or the 96% yes reported to the system.

Within the availability of beds hospital general in Mexico City there is a 75% occupancyin the State of Mexico, 70%, and in Guerrero a 61 percent. In the beds with fan, for patients with more critical, Baja California recorded a 64% occupancythe State of Mexico 63%, and the City of Mexico by 59 percent.

Suspected cases and confirmed by date of onset of symptoms (Photo: SSa)

Suspected cases and confirmed by date of onset of symptoms (Photo: SSa)

The pandemic of the COVID-19 in Mexico has mired the national economy in a deep crisis and in the case of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has a drop increased to 6%, as well as that the unemployment rates continue to increase, the country runs the risk of lose the advances that were achieved in terms of poverty between 2008 and 2018.

This is a warning released by the executive secretary of the National Council of Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval is used), José Nabor Cruz Marceloin an interview with the daily The Universal, where it also noted that this health emergency will leave as a result to 10 million new poor.

And is that up until now, he noted, there has already been a reduction of three percentage points in extreme poverty, so “yes, we run the risk that they could stop progress or even to miss a percentage of them, ” he said, after explaining that the most affected sectors will be related to the hangover food and the social security.

On the second aspect highlighted that the shortcomings in this field are product of the informality that has permeated the country over the years, “and surely there will be an increase in informal employmentdue to the loss of jobs” during this period, he explained.

José Luis Alomía, Director General of Epidemiology, reported that the evening lecture of today is the number 111, and that is the day 18 of the “New normal” (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

José Luis Alomía, Director General of Epidemiology, reported that the evening lecture of today is the number 111, and that is the day 18 of the “New normal” (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

In the midst of this crisis, some of the sectors that could suffer from a more relevant way the impacts of inequality and povertysaid Nabor Cruz, will be the womenthe indigenous communities in the nation, as well as the minors.

It should be remembered that the chancellor Marcelo Ebrard he had already considered this possibility during the conservatory virtual “women’s human Rights: challenges before the COVID-19”, organised by the Senate of the Republic a few days ago, even though your prognosis not reserved only to Mexicobut the entire Latin american region.

“It is the more severe (crisis) we have lived in our generationalready in course, for an uncertain outcome. We see that before the voltage generated by the economic and social situation it is widening the poverty rapidly. I am sorry to tell you that we’re going to lose what little we have advancedat least in Latin America, in the last few years in terms of poverty, ” the official commented.


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