Ómicron, vaccination and latest data on coronavirus infections, live

By provinces, 2,452 infections have been recorded in Zaragoza and 1,380 recovered; in Huesca, 511 positives and 241 discharges; and in Teruel, 358 cases and 94 people recovered.

For its part, and pending updated data on Cumulative Incidence, hospital pressure and positivity -among others- that will not be known until Monday, La Rioja had 95 people admitted to the different Rioja centers last Friday, 11 of them in the ICU.

According to the data released by the Galician Health Service, the pressure in hospital centers is increasing again and there are already 569 people admitted, 30 more, of which 515 are on the ward and 54 patients in critical care units, one more than at last count.

In percentages, 81.1% of the Catalan population is vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine, while 77.2% already have the complete vaccination schedule.

The rate of risk of regrowth continues to rise: on Saturday it stood at 5,015 and 24 hours later it is at 5,253.

A total of 516 patients are admitted to intensive care units (ICU) in public and private centers, six more than in the last count: 333 require invasive ventilation (intubation), 18 require extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), and 165 , support without intubation.

In the last 24 hours, 45 deaths have been registered and the total number of deaths is 25,047: 15,915 in hospital or health center, 4,673 in residence, 1,299 at home and 3,160 that are not classifiable due to lack of information.

“The fact that the restrictions come from Health has been able to cause an excess of zeal in their desire to manage these circumstances. Ideological reasons and the need to impose their criteria,” added Repollés. The head of Health has acknowledged feeling “anger” because, after 22 months of pandemic, “it seems to me that we are playing to see who can do more.”

On the day of September 15, the Andalusian Government notified the death of 12 people while the total number of deaths accumulated on that day was 11,091. Andalusia currently registers 11,746 deaths.

“Today we mark a year of the vaccination campaign (…) It has strengthened the fight against covid-19. It has led to saving lives (…) India is proud that our nation has been able to contribute to fighting the pandemic through vaccines,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Twitter.

As reported today by the Ministry of the Interior, the intervention was carried out by agents of the Civil Guard, the Fiscal and Borders Team of the Fiscal and Airport Unit of the Madrid Civil Guard Command, within the framework of the usual inspections that carried out in tax matters, and after locating several self-test boxes in two hidden warehouses, ready to distribute in the commercial area of ​​the establishment.

Likewise, those who died from covid in the Valencian Community represent 9.2% of the total deaths in Spain, which is below its population weight and the percentage of the total number of infections in the country, 10.6% in both cases, according to calculations made from data from the Ministry of Health.

According to the latest data update published by the Ministry of Health, 1,376,880 people reside in the 167 Andalusian towns with incidence rates of more than 2,000 Covid cases in the last two weeks, which represents 16.2% of the population of the community.

Beijing confirmed its first local case of the omicron variant of the coronavirus on Saturday, less than three weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics in the Chinese capital, an event that the authorities are trying to protect at all costs through their “zero tolerance” strategy. against coronavirus.

In Moscow, the focus of the pandemic in the country, more than 6,000 new infections (6,480) were reported for the second consecutive day.

A few weeks ago, the councilor went to the Emergency Service of his reference hospital, Morales Meseguer, where he was treated for the disease that he had been carrying for years, after suffering from inflammation for several days.

With the new death, the fatalities of the coronovirus in Cantabria have risen to 659 since the start of the pandemic.

Universities are following disparate criteria when it comes to giving a second chance to students with covid who cannot attend an exam, to whom they ask for anything from a PCR, medical certificates and antigen tests to a simple affidavit, which basically means trusting of his word.

Before the start of the exams for the first semester, the president of Crue Universidades Españolas, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, explains that “ideally” is the presentation of a medical certificate.

The Robert Koch Institute, the government entity for the control of infectious diseases, has indicated through its website that during the last 24 hours there have been 52,054 positives, deaths, which brings the total figures since the start of the pandemic to 7 .9 million affected and 115,619 deaths, respectively.

“In the wave driven by omicron, the results of severe covid-19 were reduced mainly by the protection provided by a previous infection and / or vaccination,” says the study developed by scientists from South Africa, “but the intrinsically reduced virulence could represent a 25% reduced risk of serious hospitalization or death compared to (variant) delta.”

In the event that there has been contact with an infected person and that they have received the booster dose of the vaccine, Lauterbach said in statements to the Sunday
picture on sunday, “it is even advisable to take a daily test”. According to the minister, this is necessary because the tests do not always react to omicron at the beginning of an infection.

The frequency of the tests increases safety, according to Lauterbach, who also recommended the use of FFP2 masks whenever you are with other people in closed spaces.

“COVAX has just delivered the 1 billionth dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Thank you to all our partners and donors for your support and contributions,” the WHO posted on its Twitter account.

The Indian Ministry of Health has indicated that during the last 24 hours 271,000 positives and 402 deaths have been registered, while it has added that there are currently 1,550,377 active cases, an increase during the last days.

In total, this Saturday, 90,000 people who will participate in the organization of the polling stations, including municipal officials, will be inoculated with a booster dose.

Summoned by the far-right opposition party FPÖ and its controversial leader, Herbert Kickl, the protesters moved through the central Ring avenue, shouting slogans such as “peace, freedom and sovereignty”, while about a thousand police officers stood guard.

In this way, Joan Peñarroya’s team only had six or seven professional players available for the match against Barcelona because Víctor Claver was already out for that clash due to a foot injury, which has led to the suspension of the match which was to be played this Sunday.

In addition to Labeyrie, in recent weeks Sam Van Rossom, Martin Hermannsson and Nenad Dimitrijevic have been infected and, in his case, overcome.

The expansion of the omicron variant has dragged in the last month more than 386,000 citizens to start the vaccination process with the double dose, a bag of undecideds that hardly changed -almost 3.6 million people-, but that has been going down little by little throughout these weeks.

Precisely, the Government of Ceuta announced this Saturday that the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) has given the go-ahead to keep the covid passport in force, which has been applied since the end of December, after denying the precautionary suspension of this measure.

Currently in Madrid hospitals there are 2,915 patients admitted to the ward and 304 in the ICUs, compared to 2,952 admissions to the ward and 322 in the intensive care units that were yesterday, Friday.

🦠 Coronavirus in Spain | The sixth wave of coronavirus continues to add infections in Spain with the expansion of omicron and hospital pressure is growing as a result of the expansion of transmission, although the pace seems to be slowing down slightly.

The advance of the omicron variant has led to a great demand for antigen tests, which since this Saturday are sold by more than 22,000 Spanish pharmacies at a maximum of 2.94 euros, a price set by the Government after this increase in consumption arrived to triple its price.

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