Ojol Driver Unlucky Fate, Report Lost Motorbike Even Get Bogem Police

The figure of an online motorcycle taxi driver who reported a missing motorbike was instead beaten by a member of the police at the Cileungsi Police Headquarters, Bogor Regency, West Java, Monday (10/1/2022). (Source: Kompas.com)

BOGOR, KOMPAS.TVAn unpleasant experience was experienced by driver taxibike online (ojol) who experienced the loss of a motorcycle. In his confession his report was not responded to and driver it was beaten by the police.

The story was revealed by the Instagram account @marinadks and viral on social media. Driver The motorcycle taxi driver named Charly said he lost his motorbike at a catfish pecel stall on Saturday (8/1/2022).

Not only his motorbike was lost, his wallet was also lost because it was stored in the motorbike’s trunk.

In the screenshot, which tells the chronology, the victim was tricked by the passenger (the perpetrator) by pretending to borrow a motorbike.

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The perpetrator used the mode of buying food, borrowing a motorbike, and running away.

Account @marinadks who told the story of this theft said that he saw the victim confused when he was about to pay for food.

On the same day the victim reported to the Cileungsi Police but the report was not responded to. Two days later the victim returned to report the case that happened to him.

However, the victim received unpleasant treatment and words until he was beaten.

“Already (reported), but the Cileungsi police didn’t respond. My brother was even punched in the chest because he said if there was no money, he wouldn’t take care of it,” the account wrote.


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