Offline installation doesn’t include all built-in apps

Microsoft saves storage space when installing Windows 11 for the first time for a fast installation process. Some internal (“built-in”) applications now require an Internet connection when a new system is started. for the first time. Various “pre-installed” applications cannot be run without Internet.

Like the site first reported that some preinstalled apps, called “built-in apps” or “inbox apps”, weren’t actually preinstalled on Windows 11 after installing without internet access, but simply had icons that acted as replacements. in the start menu or taskbar. Only when the application is started for the first time, it is downloaded and installed from Microsoft servers. The goal is to keep the installation media “thin” and can install Windows 11 (report) faster.

Therefore, the following integrated applications, which cannot be run without an Internet connection, are affected:

  • To do Microsoft
  • Microsoft Alarm Clock & Clock
  • Microsoft Sticky Notes
  • Microsoft Card

Before starting the app for the first time, they display a message indicating that the update must be installed first. Without an internet connection, you cannot continue at this point and the application refuses to start.

Various apps now require internet the first time they run

This behavior doesn’t apply to other apps like Calendar, Photos, Paint, Groove Music, or Microsoft Edge.

If, on the other hand, Windows 11 (prerequisite) is already installed with an existing internet connection, all the default applications are ready to use when starting for the first time. Applications can only be reloaded from the Internet with a purely offline installation of the operating system.

Compared to a fresh install of Windows 10, the installation of Windows 11 is much faster to an SSD or hard drive, which Microsoft says is true about a more compact installation media.

Starting on October 5th

Windows 11 launched on October 5 on new PCs and is flanked by a suite of Microsoft Office 2021 programs with a new dark mode.

The operating system is currently available to try with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 2200194 in the beta channel and Build 22458, which is already beyond RTM status, in the development channel.

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