Technology Of Americans use Siri when they are controlled by...

Of Americans use Siri when they are controlled by the police


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This is the last council in vogue on the social networks in the United States: internet users recommend to install on their iPhone with a shortcut that allows you to alert a friend and start a video recording when the police signal you to stop on the side of the road.

Once installed, in case of need, the smartphone user has to do is say, “Siri, I’m getting pulled over” (Siri, I’m trying to make myself control by the police “) or to click on a button on the screen saver.

The shortcut ” interrupts the music, decreased brightness, and volume, active mode +do not disturb+, and sends a message to the contact that you have chosen to inform them of the situation and your location. It launches your camera to the top of the screen and filming what happens for you to have an a record then, ” says the developer, Robert Petersen, on the platform Reddit.

He created this shortcut a year ago, but its popularity of the time comes from the mistrust strengthened vis-à-vis the police, especially among minorities, african-american.

A context-explosive

Since the death of George Floyd in late may, provoked, and killed by a white policeman, hundreds of thousands of people marched against police violence and systemic racism. Video recordings are regularly used from one part to another, during protests that degenerate, to prove the aggression or self-defence.

It is more complicated during arrests, where the arrested person depends on the cameras that some police officers carry on them, or passers-by, as in the case of George Floyd. The shortcut independent may not be downloaded and installed from the browser of Apple, Safari, on an iPhone. It is not available on the application store of the smartphone.


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