Occupational Health: AIST83 raises awareness among seasonal workers.

Let’s learn more about the functioning of the Var Interprofessional Occupational Health Association (AIST83).

Formerly called occupational medicine, the AIST83 (Interprofessional Association for Occupational Health in the Var) deals with occupational health. This association advises companies (employees and employers) with the aim of avoiding any deterioration in the health of workers as a result of their activity. AIST83 is approved by the State for monitoring private sector companies in the Var department.

Info83 receives Sandrine Julien, occupational physician for AIST83 and Kristel Cipres, technical assistant in occupational health for AIST83 as well.
Depuis 2017, labor regulations provide that seasonal workers are taken care of through collective AFPs (Training and Prevention Actions). An AFP is valid for the current season. A seasonal worker alternating a summer season with a winter season will be forced to carry out two AFPs per year.

Our department is a very popular tourist destination, and will be hiring many seasonal employees in the coming weeks…
Last year, the AIST83 summoned 7,000 employees to attend AFPs (Training and Prevention Actions) over the period from April to October.

What you need to know about AFPs.

AFPs have three objectives:
– inform employees of the role and mission of the Occupational Health Service.
– enable employees to identify the risks in their work environment.
– encourage employees to take responsibility for their health and safety.

AFPs can take three forms: in-company, in a workshop or remotely.
AFPs in companies save time for seasonal workers and employers. They are customizable to best meet the expectations of the different parties. These interventions are permitted in companies where reception conditions are acceptable.
As for the workshops, they are reception days for seasonal workers in the premises of the AIST83. These are continuous days which aim to train 170 employees. The seasonal employee can choose 2 workshops out of 4 offered per welcome day.
As far as distance learning courses are concerned, they contain the same themes adapted to the web format. This consists of becoming aware of the different notions discussed online. It is then necessary to answer a quiz which will allow obtaining the certificate if the seasonal worker obtains 80% of correct answers.

The AIST83 is also mobilized on road safety.

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