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Obama showcases his pull on the Joe Biden campaign | International


Democratic candidate Joe Biden.Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

It was the first fundraising event for Joe Biden with former President Barack Obama. And, according to the Democratic candidate’s campaign, more than $ 7.6 million was raised. The event was held this Tuesday and was virtual, but had more than 175,000 registered participants, making it the largest collection of small donors from the former vice president. “Everyone has a sense of urgency, and I’m here to tell you that help is on the way if we do our job,” Obama told the virtual public.

The path to the Democratic nomination cleared from the rest of the candidates, and with the country plunged into a triple crisis, health, economic and socialPolls smile at Biden, who leads his rival, Donald Trump, by an average of 13 points, five months after the presidential elections. A trend that is reflected in cash registers. In the month of May, the Democratic campaign obtained 80.8 million dollars, exceeding for the first time in collection that of President Trump (74 million). After the money disbursed by the Biden campaign in the overcrowded Democratic primaries, the muscle of the Republican president’s re-election campaign is still greater: he had a total of 265 million at the end of May, compared to about 120 that he had Biden. But it should be remembered that Trump has been campaigning for a second term since 2017 and Biden did not enter the race until April of last year.

The stoppage of mass campaign events due to the coronavirus pandemic has led candidates to focus on digital channels and has saved them resources for the final stretch of the race. President Trump returned last weekend on the road with a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But the call was disappointing, far below the expectations of the campaign, to the point that it was decided, given the lack of capacity, that the president would not attend a second scenario that had been prepared outside the venue for the Thousands of followers that the campaign expected to be left without being able to enter. His rival’s slip will give arguments to Biden’s campaign for not rushing back to the crowds. Since the start of the pandemic, the former vice president has sought to exhibit a responsible attitude, confined to his home in Wilmington, Delaware.

The event this Tuesday shows the pull that continues to have the last Democratic president, who he waited until April to support who his ticket partner was, but has not been able to participate in campaign events so far due to the pandemic. Perhaps that is why he has returned to the sights of President Trump, who on Monday, during a television interview, accused Obama of “treason.” In the past, as part of a Justice Department investigation into the start of the Russian plot investigation, he had accused Obama of spying on his campaign in 2016. But on Monday, when the interviewer asked him what he was accusing Obama, Trump said: “It is treason.”


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