O Rejecting the Law of Creating a Work, the Palace Delivers a Shocking Bad News

PRECISION JOURNAL – Travel UU Create Work or Omnibus Law has now reached the party President after previously being deposited by the Indonesian Parliament.

Now it’s rumored UU the Palace has finished tidying it up.

This was explained by the Spokesman President Purwono Early Law Division. Dini explained if the script UU Create Work has been tidied up and only Article 46 has been removed from the text UU the.

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“The state’s cleansing process has been completed. Only chapter 46 was excluded from the text UU Ciptaker, “explained Dini Purwono as quoted from Economic News 23 October 2020.

Dini also added if UU is currently in the process of being signed by President Joko Widodo.

“Script UU Ciptaker is in the process of being signed President, “he said.

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Then, Dini confirmed that when the manuscript has been promulgated, then the public can access it.


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