NVIDIA makes its own RTX 3000 models more expensive in Europe

Last week there was a significant decrease in the values ​​of cryptocurrencies, ie so far, specifically for Ethereum, the opposite development occurs than at the beginning of last year, when its value began to increase. Now there have been three soon-to-be declines from about 4,000 to the current $ 2,500. Of course, no one knows what the next development will be, but at the moment the situation is not conducive to the miners being able to break in trying to buy new cards.

However, the prices of graphics cards on the market have not moved significantly yet, although the reports reportthat there are now more on the market than before. However, NVIDIA decided to take an unexpected step, raising the price of its own Founders Edition models of the RTX 3000 generation.

On average, this is about 6% of the price increase, which concerns only the countries of the European Union and soon probably also the United Kingdom, where so far only the RTX 3070 Ti should have become more expensive. At the same time, the price increase of Founders Edition cards would not have to bother us much, because they are usually not available here anyway, but rather whether and how much the price increase of NVIDIE cards can affect the prices of cards from AIB manufacturers. We can hope not much, as NVIDIA has tried to sell its own cards at recommended prices, while AIB models on the mainstream market are already highly overpriced.

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