Nupes: “It’s no longer a compromise but a compromise to save a few places in the legislative elections” according to essayist Caroline Fourest

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The essayist and journalist Caroline Fourest denounces the agreement between the republican, secular left and the left of the Insoumis. “A gift” made according to her, to the far right. Interview.

You talk about an orphan left and an unnatural agreement about the Nupes: why?

We are not talking about a compromise on minor issues. It is an agreement that ignores major differences on essential issues. It is no longer a compromise, it is a compromise to save places in the legislative elections.

What are the subjects of deep divergences between these two lefts?

I have thought for a long time that political life would be clearer if the parties assumed these fundamental divisions, in particular what separates a radical left, rather identity-based, hostile to the European Union and its treaties, and a more responsible left, republican, secular, universalist. I recall that Jean-Luc Mélenchon has long maintained that the aggressor was NATO and not Russia in Ukraine… The gap between these two lefts is too deep. Wanting to step over it for a few constituencies does not give a very noble image of politics. Nupes is not an alliance, it is clear that the line of the Insoumis, of the identity and victimized left triumphs in all positions.

Would you say that Jean-Luc Mélenchon is on the way to a successful takeover bid on the left and the PS?

It’s not even a takeover, it’s a killing of the Socialist Party, it’s a revenge that Jean-Luc Mélenchon savors. Olivier Faure makes a calculation error. He believes to measure the weight of the PS to the score of Anne Hidalgo in the presidential election. However, the failure of Anne Hidalgo is also a personal failure. There are also many voters who voted for Jean-Luc Mélenchon without sharing all his ideas, simply to have a chance to thwart the Le Pen-Macron poster. There is still a place in this country for a responsible, republican left. I am even convinced that she is strong in terms of voting intentions, but she needs a clear and charismatic incarnation. It is not certain that the PS will obtain more seats by having sold its soul than if it had gone there under its own colors.

What do you think of the controversy surrounding Taha Bouhafs?

This case is emblematic of the fracture that separates the two lefts. The identity-based, radical left is capable of taking over Taha Bouhafs and then backpedaling, trying to silence complaints of sexual assault in the name of political priority. It is not at all the same thing to consider that Taha Bouhafs is a model for youth or not. When we have gone through the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, Toulouse, Montauban, we know that there is a question in this country that should not be swept under the carpet, it is that of identity and victimhood fever which can plague our youth and who can radicalize them. Progressives must resist the temptation of victimized patronage and uphold the values ​​of emancipation, universality and secularism. When we betray these values, we do a disservice to progress and we betray secularism. What better gift can we give to the far right?

What do you think of these candidacies which are multiplying on the left, especially in Occitania, with dissidents from the PS or PRG candidates against Nupes?

I am delighted that figures like Carole Delga, Michael Delafosse who embody the left which has the courage to defend secularism dare to make another voice heard. Occitania is a historic land of the left, which has a long republican tradition. It doesn’t surprise me that the courage comes from there. Now we must hope that it extends elsewhere…

Is this Nupes agreement an asset in the fight against the far right?

People who get drunk with Nupes forget a little about the climate in which we are. The formation which will certainly double the number of its deputies is not Nupes, it is the National Rally. In this context, believing that the secular left, the Charlie left, must be silenced is doing the far right a favor. Highlighting figures like Danièle Obono, Clémentine Autain, Taha Bouhafs is the best way to talk only about identity tensions and not the economic and social question. When Eric Piolle decides to authorize the Burkhini, who places the question of identity at the heart of the elections?

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