World Number of coronavirus deaths worldwide exceeds 80,000

Number of coronavirus deaths worldwide exceeds 80,000


More and more people are falling victim to the corona pandemic. There is a sad new high worldwide. All information in the news blog.

Worldwide, more than a million people are infected with the corona virus, tens of thousands have died. The states react to the danger in very different ways: While in some European countries the easing of the rigorous measures in the fight against Corona has already been announced, there is officially no time in Germany for the start of an exit plan.

More than 80,000 coronavirus deaths worldwide

According to US experts, more than 80,000 people worldwide have already died after being infected with the novel corona virus. The number of confirmed infections with Sars-CoV-2 rose to around 1.4 million worldwide, according to data from the University of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. According to this, more than 17,000 people with Corona died in Italy, around 13,900 in Spain, more than 12,000 in the USA and more than 10,000 in France.

Among the countries most affected by Covid-19 lung disease, the university has recorded the highest percentage of corona deaths relative to population in Spain and Italy. In both countries, about 27 people per 100,000 inhabitants died from the virus. In contrast, there were around 2.2 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants in Germany, and around 0.2 in China.

Acting US Secretary of State resigns

Acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has resigned from the conflict over how to deal with the coronavirus outbreak on board a US aircraft carrier. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that he had accepted Modly’s resignation request in agreement with U.S. President Donald Trump. He is to be succeeded by Army Undersecretary Jim McPherson. Here Read more.

EU negotiations on rescue package stall

No rapid breakthrough emerged in the EU negotiations on a multi-billion dollar corona crisis package for states, companies and employees on Wednesday night. The press conference, originally scheduled for the evening, was postponed to 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Negotiations said that work on a compromise would continue, but this would take time. Here read more about the negotiations.

Eight million protective masks from China arrived in Munich

A Lufthansa cargo plane has brought eight million protective masks from China to Germany. The Boeing 777F landed in Munich on Tuesday afternoon, the airline said. The machine had started in Shanghai on Monday and flown to Munich after a stopover in the South Korean capital Seoul. The masks were packed in 4000 boxes. The load had a total weight of 26 tons.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (both CSU) and Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr received the plane at Munich Airport. Because of the corona virus pandemic, there are currently massive bottlenecks in medical protective clothing.

Announcement of Pulitzer Prize winners postponed

The announcement of this year’s winners of the prestigious Pulitzer Prizes has been postponed due to the Corona crisis. The organizers announced on Tuesday in New York that the winners should not be announced on April 20, but on May 4 via online livestream.

“There are many high-ranking journalists on the front line of the Pulitzer Prize who are on the forefront of informing the public about the rapidly developing corona pandemic,” said head Dana Canedy. Thanks to the postponement, they would now have more time to judge the finalists for the price. The awards ceremony, which is normally held at a festive event at Columbia University in May, is slated to be postponed until autumn.

France is the fourth country with more than 10,000 deaths

France is the fourth country to exceed 10,000 deaths. Including incomplete data from the old people’s homes, the number rose 16 percent to 10,328, as health director Jerome Salomon said. An increase of ten percent was recorded on Monday and seven percent on Sunday. The total number of known infections is therefore 109,069. There are also more than 10,000 deaths in Italy, Spain and the USA.

According to Ambassador Clauss, the German EU Presidency must be rescheduled

The Corona crisis is disrupting the previous planning for the upcoming German EU Council Presidency, according to the German EU Ambassador in Brussels, Michael Clauss. “The first experiences with the new reality show that our presidency will no longer be able to take place in the planned manner,” says a confidential report by the top diplomat to the Chancellery and the Federal Ministries, which is available to the German Press Agency and about which the “mirror” reported first.

This concerns the preparation of the content, the working method as well as the planning of events. “From now on, the focus will be on the ability of the European institutions to act, crisis management, exit and reconstruction – possibly maintaining the EU integration itself,” writes Clauss. “The success of our presidency will be measured against this.”

Over 4,000 verifiably corona infected in Berlin: 32 dead

In Berlin, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases has risen to more than 4,000. There are currently 4038 infections with the new virus detected in the capital, the Senate Department for Health announced on Tuesday afternoon. That is 176 more cases than the day before. 32 patients with the new coronavirus have died so far. The day before, there were still 28.

The hospital currently isolates and treats 505 people, 118 of whom are treated in intensive care. All other victims are isolated at home. More than 200 of the demonstrably infected are male.

Brandenburg wants to support schools more with digital instruction

The Brandenburg Ministry of Education wants to give schools more support in digital teaching because of the corona pandemic. If necessary, the Brandenburg School Cloud should be made available to them, as the Ministry announced. “In view of the current situation in schools, the use of digital educational solutions has increased enormously in importance,” said Education Minister Britta Ernst (SPD) in a press release.

Seriously ill corona patients may not test approved agents

Corona patients who are particularly seriously ill may in future be treated with the not yet approved active ingredient remdesivir if all other means have failed. This was approved by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Bonn, as a spokesman confirmed on Tuesday. The active ingredient was originally developed by a US pharmaceutical company against Ebola infections. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) noted last Friday that there were first signs of effectiveness against the coronavirus and recommended the use of the product for the seriously ill without an alternative treatment. The German authority followed.

However, no statements can currently be made regarding effectiveness, a spokesman for the German drug agency emphasized. There are only signs. “The results of ongoing clinical trials remain to be seen.” The immediate use as an unapproved active ingredient in patients is strictly regulated. Only patient groups for whom there are no other alternative therapies would be considered.

Highest number of coronavirus deaths in New York in one day

In New York, 731 people died of the coronavirus within 24 hours, more than every day before. This brought the total death toll in New York to 5,489, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday. Previously, the highest number of fatalities in one day was 630. More than 138,000 infections have already been confirmed in the state with the metropolis of the same name.

Söder: “Of course there will be a form of mask obligation in the end”

The Bavarian Prime Minister also spoke at a press conference on the current crisis situation. It needed perspectives on how to proceed, on the other hand, it had to be clear that “human life went before shopping tours”. Therefore, the restrictions could only be adjusted with three steps: Based on the current situation, there would have to be reassessments if the situation eased Measures had to be guaranteed, in case of doubt also by new regulations, the protection of the people and the tracing of infected people had to be ensured give”.

In addition, the state wants to further strengthen the health system and further expand test capacities, said Söder. Bavarian economic aid is also to be strengthened again. The Prime Minister made an appeal to the population and called for further patience: “Patience saves lives, impatience endangers lives”.

Laschet wants a roadmap for re-entering public life

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) prepared the population in the corona crisis for a gradual return to normal. The expert council meets on Wednesday and the first interim results are expected, said Laschet after a meeting of the state cabinet.

“I think we need flexible answers,” he said. The protection of the population is currently being achieved through the massive shutdown of all public life. In future, one will have to react differently in counties with a high infection rate than in regions with fewer people infected. “People have to recognize a plan,” said Laschet. “We need a roadmap to watchful, responsible normality.”

USA: Over 1,300 deaths in one day

In the United States, 1,343 people died in one day after being infected with the novel corona virus. That came out on Tuesday from the data of the American university of Johns Hopkins for Monday. Around 1,200 were killed on Sunday. In total, approximately 11,000 people in the US have died as a result of infection with the lung disease Covid-19 caused by the virus.

The number of known infections with the Sars-CoV-2 virus was around 370,000 on Tuesday morning (local time) at Johns Hopkins University. The USA, a country with 330 million inhabitants, has the highest number of infections in all countries. The number of cases can only be compared to a limited extent due to the different test rates and the expected high number of unreported cases.

Hospital workers demand protective equipment

Doctors, nurses and operating theater nurses as well as other employees from more than 20 hospitals in Brandenburg vigorously called for the support of the state government in the Corona crisis. “The state of Brandenburg has to find a way to produce masks, protective coats, goggles, gloves and disinfectants – immediately !!”, says an open letter that was sent to Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) and Minister of Health Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) on Tuesday. has gone.

In addition, the workers called for more personnel for all areas involved in health care “through quick and unbureaucratic hiring”. The letter said that there had to be a permanent assignment of cleaning staff to the wards as well as extra staff for the outside areas, which had been signed by over 30 employees – including doctors, nurses, nurses and surgical staff. “Quarantine must also apply to hospital workers.” In other countries, it has been shown that the virus is spread through employees in hospitals and other facilities. That shouldn’t be.

Spahn: Easter days crucial for exit decision

After the meeting of the state government of Baden-Württemberg, in which the Federal Minister of Health also took part, Winfried Kretschmann and Jens Spahn spoke in a press conference. Kretschmann emphasized that the measures to contain the virus had had an effect: “But the all-clear cannot be given yet”. He could not yet say when the restrictions could be relaxed again. “Until then, I can only ask you for your patience,” said the Prime Minister.

Federal Minister of Health Spahn made a similar statement: “This crisis is not a sprint, but a marathon”. As before, the pandemic was just beginning, and given the declining numbers of new infections, one should not be under false security. After Easter, the state premiers and the federal government would meet to discuss gradual easing of the measures. It is now crucial for the decision how the situation will develop over the Easter days. “The more consistent we are now, even over Easter, the sooner we can think about a gradual return to normalcy.”

Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein expects measures to be eased after Easter

Daniel Günther, Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, expects the measures to contain the corona virus in Germany to be relaxed after Easter. He said this in an interview with the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”. “So we will soon begin a phase in which we are likely to enable certain social things again”. In the meantime, awareness of the need for restrictions in society has grown. Therefore, regulations can be relaxed wherever it is possible to comply with corresponding distance regulations.

Günther named April 14 as the deadline – then the state premiers and Chancellor Angela Merkel meet. Shortly afterwards, the Abitur exams are due in Schleswig-Holstein: “We have to show people a clear perspective”.

European Parliament in Strasbourg becomes Corona test center

A test center for the novel corona virus and an advice center for patients will be set up in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Parliament is working with the French authorities for this, Parliament President David Sassoli said on Twitter. “We want to be with our host city and its citizens in these difficult times.”

The European Parliament in Strasbourg: Corona tests are now to be carried out here instead of parliamentary meetings (archive picture). (Source: Winfried Rothermel / imago images)

Sassoli announced last week that it would provide the Belgian authorities with the Parliament’s medical department in Brussels and a hundred vehicles from the Parliament’s fleet. He was also “ready to do the same for our locations in Luxembourg and Strasbourg should this be necessary”.

Because of the corona pandemic, Parliament has significantly reduced its operations and largely switched to video conferencing and home work. The plenary sessions in Strasbourg were canceled for the next few months. Instead, they should be held in Brussels to a limited extent. The east of France has been particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

More deaths in Spain within 24 hours

In Spain, for the first time in five days, more people have died within 24 hours from a coronavirus infection. The Ministry of Health announced that 743 other patients had succumbed to the lung disease. In total, 13,798 people died. An increase of 637 was reported on Monday. The number of confirmed infections rose from 135,032 to 140,510.

Ethics Council: “Never too early to think about criteria for openings”

The German Ethics Council welcomed the debate on easing massive restrictions in public life in the wake of the Corona crisis. “It is too early to make openings now. But it is never too early to think about criteria for openings,” the chairman of the advisory board, theologian Peter Dabrock, said in Berlin on Tuesday. “Anything else would be a sovereign thinking that should not get caught up with us and with which one would not strengthen the necessary trust of the population.”

It is also not true that it gives people false hopes. “People need pictures of hope when they are in a catastrophic situation like the one they are in now. That motivates them to persevere,” said Dabrock. The Ethics Council warned that too often the debate about opening perspectives was primarily about time. Factual and social criteria would be put at the back.

Necessary measures to keep the number of serious cases below the capacity of intensive care medicine would have to be compared – the longer the more – with the serious social, social and psychological consequences of the lockdown.

Robert Koch Institute provides information on the current corona situation in Germany

Too early for relaxation: Here the RKI boss talks about the current situation and also about a positive development. (Source:

In a Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave a press conference on the current situation in Germany. The newly known number of cases of the corona infected decreased, but at the same time the death toll rises to 1,607, which is 173 more deaths than the previous day. This can mainly be explained by the fact that there are more outbreaks in hospitals and nursing homes. Here, the known risk groups are now more exposed to the virus, according to the President of the RKI Prof. Lothar Wieler. The most important findings of the press conference can be found here.

In addition, the RKI has presented a new app that is available from today. As of today, the Robert Koch Institute has launched a new app. Via the “Corona data donation” app, users of smartwatches or fitness wristbands can share their data with the institute. Scientists can use the transmitted vital signs to better examine any symptoms of Covid 19. The spread of infections with the corona virus can also be better recorded.

France starts nationwide tests in retirement homes

France wants the residents of old people’s homes to be tested nationwide for the new corona virus. Health Minister Olivier Véran announced extensive tests starting this Tuesday. The reason is the high death rate: According to official information, more than 2,400 people in French old people’s homes and care facilities have already died from the lung disease Covid-19. That is almost a quarter of the 8,911 deaths in the country.

Health Minister Véran said all residents and nursing home staff should be tested by Covid-19 at their facility “from the first confirmed case”. This would isolate the sick and prevent further residents from being infected.

Friedrich Merz on the work of the federal government in the crisis

Friedrich Merz, a former leader of the Union faction and now a candidate for the CDU chairmanship, said to RTL television that the government’s crisis management was satisfied: “I think that the whole of the federal government is doing a great job right now. As a citizen of this country, I can you sleep well despite the crisis. “

He also pledged his support to the cabinet: “There was a very difficult phase before the crisis. There were very bad election results. But that is over now, in a crisis the people have to stand behind the government. And that also applies to me . “

Regarding his own corona disease, Merz said: “I’ve been healthy for a week now. I feel like I’ve got it over with”. He described the course of the disease as “mild to moderate flu” with symptoms “that I had never known before”. In the end, he was plagued by “an annoying runny nose”. In the middle of Merz, Merz had announced that it had tested positive for the novel corona virus.

The curfew in the first German quarantine locations will be relaxed

Three weeks after the nationwide first far-reaching Corona curfew was imposed in Mitterteich in Upper Palatinate, the regulations were relaxed ahead of schedule. Since this Tuesday, the same exit restrictions apply in Bavaria as in the whole of Bavaria. The infection in the Mitterteich urban area no longer shows any significant differences to the rest of the Tirschenreuth district, the district had announced on Monday after a meeting of the crisis management team. Mayor Roland Grillmeier welcomed the decision.

The stricter rules should originally apply until this Thursday inclusive. The city of 6,500 inhabitants was one of the corona hotspots in Germany. In mid-March, the number of people infected with the coronavirus and the people who became ill with it suddenly rose particularly fast. A strong beer festival was assumed to be a major cause.

Graves in the park? Tweet causes a stir in New York

The chairman of the New York City Council’s Health Committee, Mark Levine, triggered a storm of outrage with a tweet on Monday (local time). Levine wrote on Twitter that the city’s mortuaries and cemeteries were faced with a situation like that of a “persistent September 11th.” If necessary, one would begin “with“ temporary burials. ”This would likely be through the use of a New York park, Levine wrote.

Many New Yorkers were then shocked by the possible plans of the metropolis. When asked about this, however, Governor Cuomo said at a press conference that he had never heard of people being buried in parks.

Levine then corrected his statement with a series of tweets to explain that it was an emergency plan. That would not be necessary if the death rate in the city continued to fall. Only a few hours later he made another statement: The authorities had given him an assurance that no burials would take place in parks.

In order to make reading easier and reduce loading times, the editors start the news blog again at this point. You can read about the previous developments in the Corona crisis here.



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