Sport Novak Djokovic threaten to Corona fiasco in Adriatic Tour...

Novak Djokovic threaten to Corona fiasco in Adriatic Tour consequences: a 5-Year-old and pregnant game woman tested positive for Sport


Would you want to write a screenplay, in which the protagonists do everything wrong, what can go wrong, the organizers of the Novak Djokovic-initiated Adriatic Tour would be the perfect role model. As the tournament Director Djordje Djokovic, brother of world number 1, and the coach, Goran Ivanisevic, were in Zadar in front of the Public, in order to explain the positive finding in Grigor Dimitrov, said she, you have done everything, what can you do have. They sat shoulder – to-shoulder in front of the microphones, demonstrating once again how much you have internalized the recommended spacing rules-namely, not at all.

Over 100 people were placed in quarantine, including the mayor of Zadar, and numerous children who had been in the previous week, with Djokovic on the court. In addition to Dimitrov also the Trainer, Djokovic’s fitness trainer and Borna Coric have tested positive for the Coronavirus. As well as the Serb, Viktor Troicki and his wife Aleksandra, will be in July, mother. Croatian media is reporting that a 5-Year-old have been infected also. Accordingly, it is the grandson of the operator of the restaurant “Niko”, in which the players celebrated with a Party. “Well, nobody died. I would do it again”, the operator, Erik Pavin, quote.

Novak Djokovic with the restaurant operator Erik Pavin and his grandson.Novak Djokovic with the restaurant operator Erik Pavin and his grandson.

Novak Djokovic with the restaurant operator Erik Pavin and his grandson.

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Twice as many Deaths? Serbia forged well-to-Corona-Pay

Croatia was considered in the containment of the spread of the Coronavirus, thanks to early measures taken and strict measures as Europe’s model student, is now within 24 hours were registered 19 new cases – as many as since the end of April, not more. From Serbia, which has lifted its restrictions at the beginning of June, and largely where last about 10’000 people celebrated the championship title of the football club red star Belgrade, it was announced that the government published Numbers are probably fake massive. According to research by “Balkan Insight” be between the 19. March and 1. June 632 people in connection with a Covid-19-disease died, more than twice as many as claimed.

Consequences also need to fear Novak Djokovic, who travelled with his family on Monday to Belgrade, and there, a Test should have, after he had refused at first, because he had no symptoms. The result is still pending and will be Heard first on Tuesday evening. Pronounced Djokovic as the only one of the participants on the Adriatic Tour has not yet. Meanwhile, numerous players calling for his dismissal as Chairman of the ATP-Spielerrats, and was elected Chairman in 2016. Djokovic is already in place for a week under attack, because he has not participated in the video conference, the organisers informed about the measures at the US Open.

In August, the since mid-March, dormant game in professional tennis should be resumed at the end of August, the US Open will be carried out in New York – without an audience. The corona cases in the Adriatic Tour to throw a bad light on the Plan, says Andy Murray to British media. And canadian Vasek Pospisil, also a member of the gamers Council, said most of the players would have spoken out against the sweep of the US Open. In mid-July, the term of the ten-headed Spielerrats, including Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal belong to ends. Possible that Novak Djokovic is not even competing. And, thus, a Non-re-election comes before.



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