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Novak Djokovic back row after criticism of the Adriatic Tour 2020


Djokovic back row!

In his first Statement to the Corona-diseases in connection with the co-organized by the Adriatic Tour in 2020, the apology from Novak Djokovic had a rather half-hearted.

Rather than take responsibility for the completely runaway tennis party of the last few days, seemed to be in the world rank list first rather trying to save his own reputation. “Unfortunately, the Virus is still there. This is the new reality, we are still learning to cope and to live with her,” wrote the ‘one in the world rankings. After all, he added, is”doing every individual case extremely sorry” and that he hoped that no complications arise “and all will be healthy”.

In the meantime, the betting has realized but, what could be the impact of the incidents on the whole of Tennis. “I’m sorry, so infinite, that our tournament has done such damage,” he reported in a further Statement via Twitter and added: “Everything made by the organizers and I in the last few months, we did, because we were with all of their hearts.”

Djokovic admits errors

He also admits to a wrong perception of the Situation. For the tournament they have held up to all the hygiene requirements and the health situation in the Region would have developed in a positive way. “We were wrong and it was too early,” is his assessment of the situation now: “I have no words to Express how concerned I am about the infections.”

The 17-time Grand Slam Champion, had lost to the crash of the Tour in March, not a single Match in this season was to Grigor Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Borna Coric (Croatia) and Viktor Troicki (Serbia) the fourth player who has the Tingelei through the Balkans with the Coronavirus attached. In addition, his wife Jelena, Troickis pregnant wife, Aleksandra, and two coach are infected. The list could easily be longer.

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Longer and longer the list is of those who log in from the tennis world to word. In the basic tenor of all agree. The Corona onset in the Adriatic Tour in 2020 has proven to be the Tennis a disservice.

Soares speaks of the “Horror Show”

Double player Bruno Soares, President and Djokovic is a member of the gamers Council, in the case of language GloboEsporte even a “Horror Show”. The Brazilians accused the squad of highly paid Superstars, “to have enormously irresponsible and highly immature” traded.

Patrik Kühnen, the former captain of the German Davis Cup Team, accused the Serbs in the SPORT1 News even before that he’ll kick the tennis world, “with feet.” He criticized also the lack of a sense of responsibility Djokovic’ over other players.

SPORT1 summarizes the further reactions:

Andrea Gaudenzi (ATP-President): “It’s a bit like you would teach his children to always ride with a helmet Bicycle. First you say no, no, no. Only if you fall off the bike, wear the helmet.” (New York Times)

Barbara Rittner (Head of Women’s Tennis): “Some of the increased your success to your head.” (The Kölner Stadtanzeiger)

Maximilian Marterer (German tennis player): “When I presented him with my voice (as the game President, Anm.d.Red) given I, I had not thought that something comes out of it. This is not what you expect from the number one in the world. (Sky)

Michael Stich (Wimbledon Winner, 1991): “The behavior is unprofessional and disrespectful.”

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Andy Murray (former number one): I hope that we learn from it, because in the end, the ATP Tour will not come back, if we have every week problems and the players do what they want.” (The Times)

Martina Navratilova (18-times Grand Slam winner): “Yuck. This is not good, and it’s a pattern. Of course, I hope that Novak is healthy again! But what now, US Open? Roland Garros? We still have a lot of work ahead of us.” (Twitter)

Alexander Zverev: “I would like to apologize deeply for all that I may be exposed to a risk by Playing on this Tour.” (Twitter)

In a Statement, the ATP wish “to the players and their staff (…) a full and speedy recovery”. However, pressing “continue on the strict adherence to responsible social distancing, and health and safety guidelines, the spread of the Coronavirus curb”.

With information from the Sport information service (SID)


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