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Notable names in the list of assignments of the DEVA Party


A division of duties was carried out in the Democracy and Atılım Party (DEVA), founded by Ali Babacan on March 10. Four AKP members took part in the Party’s Headquarters Board of Directors (GMBK). There were 21 people, 7 of which were women, and 50 people in the Headquarters Board of Directors (GMYK), 18 of which were women.

While the Secretary General of the party was undertaken by former Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin, former AKP minister Nihat Ergün will be responsible for the organizations. Mustafa Yeneroğlu, who recently left AKP and joined the party of Ali Babacan, became the Party’s Head of Law and Justice Policy.

Münevver Helün Fırat, daughter of former HDP deputy Dengir Mir Fırat, took part in GMBK. Mehmet A Ekmen and İdris Şahin, former AKP MPs, also took charge in team A.

The distribution of the duties of the DEVA Party at the GMBK is as follows:

– Head of Health Policies: Medeni Yılmaz

– Head of Social Policy: Elif Esen

– Chairman of Economic and Financial Policies: İbrahim Halil Çanakcı

– Sectoral Policies President: Birol Aydemir

– Head of Women Policy: Arzu Kılıçlar

– Head of Youth Policy: Doğa Şanlıoğlu

– Head of Digital Transformation and Technology Policy: Burak Dalgin

– Head of Education Policies: Zehra Zeynep Dereli

– Culture and Art Policy Chair: Münevver Helün Fırat

– Head of Local Governments and Urban Planning Policies: Mehmet Emin Ekmen

– Head of Nature Rights and Environmental Policies: Yasemin Bilgel

– Human Resources and In-Party Training Chair: Nazlı Seda Vural

– Head of Foreign and Security Policies: Abdurrahman Bilgiç

– Head of Organization Affairs: Nihat Ergün

– Head of Information and Communication Systems: Canberk Demirci

– Head of Administrative and Financial Affairs: (General Accountant) Mustafa Plane

– Head of Election Affairs: İdris Şahin

– Corporate Communications and Promotion President: Sanem Oktar

– Head of Public Relations: Ali Rıza Babaoğlan


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