Not Just Cars, Lexus Turns Out To Have A Product In The Form Of A Guitar – Name Lexus synonymous with a brand luxury cars owned by Toyota Motor Corporation. Several car products that use the Lexus name have spread all over the world.

But it turns out, Lexus doesn’t just exist and become a car brand. Lexus also makes a musical instrument guitar which is pretty cool.

Reported from Motortrend, Lexus cooperates with one of the leading guitar brands, Fender make a cool and unique guitar.

The guitar was made because it was inspired by the Lexus LC500 and was later named the Lexus LC Stratocaster.

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Lexus LC Stratocaster (Motortrend)

This custom guitar was handcrafted by Ron Thorn, featuring design elements of the LC500 along with Structural Blue. The impression of luxury and similar to the colors offered by Lexus is so visible.

This collaboration is not just a coincidence, but Fender really wanted to make a guitar inspired by the Morpho butterfly, Structural Blue, which is the distinctive color of the Lexus LC500.

Auction winner Lexus LC500 convertible (Autoevolution)
Lexus LC500 convertible (Autoevolution)

This Fender Lexus LC Stratocaster guitar is equipped with a carbon fiber guard that fits perfectly with the Lexus car spoiler and 2 aluminum knobs.

Lexus’ signature blue color makes this Fender guitar luxurious.

To be able to have this guitar, you need to spend 6 thousand United States Dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 85 million.

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This guitar can only be owned by 100 people because only 100 units are produced in the world.

Wow, you have to buy it fast so you can have this Lexus edition guitar!


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