Not Cans, Chinese Satellite Captures the City of San Francisco in 42 Seconds


This satellite image was taken in just 42 seconds by a Chinese-made satellite. Photo/Yang Fang/Spacecraft Engineering Journal

BEIJING – One satellite China capable of taking high-resolution images around the city of San Francisco, United States (USA), in just 42 seconds.

The spacecraft is said to be able to remain extremely stable while rotating at high speed, keeping the images captured clear.

The satellite in question is the one-ton Beijing-3 spacecraft that was launched into orbit in June.

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“This satellite is capable of taking high-resolution images, 50 centimeters per pixel from an altitude of 500 kilometers where the satellite is parked,” said Yang Fang, principal scientist at DFH Satellite Company, reported by on Tuesday (12/28/2021).

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“During the test, the spacecraft performed an in-depth scan over a large area around San Francisco Bay, covering about 3,800 square kilometers (1,470 square miles) in just 42 seconds,” Chinese media said, citing the researchers behind the project.


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