Not Aldebaran, Ricky the Key Holder of the Veil of Irvan’s Lies, Puzzles are Composed: Love Bond Spoiler

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond will be back on air tonight at 19.45 WIB on RCTI.

Spoiler Love Bond 17 November 2021, tell if Ricky the holder of the veil lies Irvan.

Ricky the first person to see firsthand that Jessica indeed in Jakarta.

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Ricky also bring Jessica go when Jessica feel scared.

However Ricky seems to be bringing Jessica meet with Irvan because Ricky impossible to fulfill wishes Jessica return to rehab.

If it arrives Ricky successfully returned Jessica on Irvan Definitely Jessica will be increasingly depressed.

Soul Jessica will be shaken because Irvan forcing him to go home.

Ricky can’t help Jessica because Ricky feel that Irvan who is more entitled to carry Jessica go home.


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