“Not a project of common European interest.” The European Commission disagrees with Merkel’s opinion on Nord Stream 2

“There was a proposal from the European Commission that all gas pipelines entering or leaving the EU must comply with the terms of the Third Energy Package. Including the conditions for non-discriminatory access to infrastructure. – 2 “is not a project of common European interest, does not contribute to the achievement of the goals of the EU’s energy policy,” he said.

According to the Vice-President of the European Commission, his organization will monitor the actions of the United States and Germany so that the gas pipeline “does not lead to problems for Ukraine as a transit country.”

Dombrovskis was asked to comment on the statement made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who, during her visit to Kiev on August 22, said that Nord Stream 2 was “not a bilateral German-Russian project, but a European project.”

“As for the European Commission, it has repeatedly voiced that this is not a project of common European interest. This is a very clear position of the European Commission,” Dombrovskis replied.


Nord Stream 2 is supposed to link Russia with Germany along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The length of the route is over 1200 km. The construction of the gas pipeline began in 2018. Since the end of 2019, the project and the companies participating in it are under US sanctionswhich have been expanded several times.

Construction was frozen in 2019 when 93% of the pipeline was completed, a year later, in December 2020, it was resumed.

The Nord Stream 2 AG gas pipeline operator in July 2021 noted that Nord Stream 2 is 99% complete… On August 17, radio station Deutsche Welle reported that the construction of “Nord Stream – 2” is planned end on August 23rd.

The authorities of Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia consider “Nord Stream 2” a threat to Europe’s energy security.

Joe Biden’s Administration opposed construction gas pipeline, but at the end of May Biden called “counterproductive” from the point of view of relations with Europe, the introduction of new sanctions against Nord Stream 2, since the gas pipeline is “practically finished.”

Germany and the United States reported on July 21 that signed an agreement on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipelineGermany promised that it would apply national sanctions against Russia and call for effective EU measures if the Russian Federation will continue to use gas as an instrument of pressure on other countries or “will commit further aggressive actions against Ukraine.” According to the agreement, transit through Ukraine after the commissioning of the gas pipeline must be renewed for 10 years (the current transit contract ends in 2024).


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