North. Without news of his family, he takes the road and discovers his mother and his brother in a state of decomposition.

A man, who had no news of his 95-year-old mother and his 65-year-old brother who lived in the same family home in Maing, near Valenciennes, in the Nord department, found his loved ones, dead, Friday night reports France Bleu.

Originally from Normandy, he took the road to visit them, worried that he no longer had any sign of life and after a letter posted a few weeks ago remained unanswered.

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When the man arrived on site, he immediately noticed something unusual: many flies had taken up residence near the window of the pavilion.

The mother lying on the ground, the brother sitting on a chair

He climbed the gate closed by a padlock, then opened the door which was not locked and found a pile of mail, some of which dated from ten days ago, explained the deputy mayor of the village.

Inside the house, the man made the macabre discovery: his mother and his dead brother whose bodies were in an advanced state of decomposition.

The mother was lying on the ground while the brother was sitting on a chair.

The police went to the scene to make the first observations.

An autopsy must be performed to determine the circumstances of these two deaths.

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