North Sumatra’s NasDem Values ​​Regent of Langkat Corruption Due to Political Dowry


Party NasDem North Sumatra highlights its capture Langkat Regent Published a Wind War Plan which netted a sting operation (THERE) CCP. NasDem considered that one of the reasons for Terbit’s arrest was due to an expensive political dowry.

“Finally, to return what has been issued from the political dowry. So the person concerned has a great opportunity to commit corruption after taking office. So OTT cases like this will continue to happen,” said North Sumatra NasDem Chairman Iskandar in Medan, Friday (21/1/2022). ).

“But it must be underlined. What I call this is one of the causes, not the only cause,” he added.

Iskandar said this political dowry is nothing new. This political dowry becomes a burdensome thing for someone to become a regional head.

“This (political dowry) is not a common thing anymore. And many people have confessed to us regarding this,” he said.

Iskandar explained that this was what made NasDem eliminate political dowries for regional head candidates. For this reason, he hopes that the regional heads promoted by NasDem will not commit corruption because they are not burdened with political dowries.

“Because they are carried without a dowry. So, there is no longer any reason for corruption. If they are still involved, we will immediately fire them as cadres,” he explained.

Previously, it was reported that the KPK carried out a hand arrest operation (OTT) on a number of people in Langkat Regency, North Sumatra. Langkat Regent Published the War Plan. Angin was also arrested during the OTT.

After undergoing examination, Terbit was later named a suspect in a bribery case. Information regarding the determination of the suspect in the Langkat Regent was conveyed by the Deputy Chairman of the KPK, Nurul Ghufron at a press conference, Thursday (20/1/2022).

“After collecting various information along with taking information related to the alleged corruption, the KPK then conducted an investigation and found sufficient preliminary evidence. So the KPK raised the status of the case to the investigative stage,” said Ghufron.


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