North Korea tests hypersonic missile, claims more terrible

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

An alleged projectile hypersonic missile launched by North Korea on Tuesday (11/1) claimed to have a more terrible ability.

The hypersonic missile is said to be more sophisticated, faster and more precise than previous hypersonic missiles. This was revealed by the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Reported from CNNThe missile, which was launched from the Dongg province and landed in the ocean between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, is estimated to have traveled more than 700 kilometers and reached an altitude of 60 kilometers.

North Korea said it had successfully conducted a hypersonic missile test, making it the third such test conducted during Kim Jong-un’s reign.

According to state media reports, Kim was said to have attended the missile launch.

“The hypersonic launch fighter unit, separated from the missile, glided upwards for 600 kilometers and performed a powerful counter maneuver 240km from the initial launch azimuth to the target azimuth, and hit the target in the water area 1,000km away,” the Korean Central News Agency said. (KCNA), Wednesday morning, as quoted from CNN, Wednesday (12/1).

“Through this latest test launch, the superior maneuverability of the hypersonic glide combat unit was more clearly confirmed,” KCNA said.

South Korean and US intelligence agencies are reportedly conducting an assessment of North Korea’s missiles. Preliminary analysis suggests the projectile is capable of reaching speeds of Mach 10. The maneuver is much faster than North Korea’s test conducted last Thursday.

The test of the projectile which is claimed to be a hypersonic missile is basically based on confessions from North Korean state media. This claim is in fact much doubted by experts.

“North Korea’s so-called hypersonic weapons are not technologically ready for use,” said Leif-Eric Easley, professor of international studies at Ewha Womans University in Seoul.

“But state media is trumpeting the latest test run, personally overseen by Kim Jong-un, as a ‘final verification’ of a new military capability. It looks like North Korea’s classic ‘box checking’ check, claiming the success of agenda items from Kim’s previous speeches. in an effort to increase political legitimacy and increase diplomatic pressure,” Easley said.

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