World North Korea destroyed the liaison office of the South...

North Korea destroyed the liaison office of the South Korea


North Korea has destroyed Tuesday, the bureau liaison with the South in Kaesong, a city located near the border, announced the ministry of Unification in Seoul, several days after about virulent on the part of Pyongyang.

“North Korea blew up the liaison office in Kaesong 14: 49” local time, announced the spokesperson of the ministry in charge of relations between the two Koreas in a press release of a line sent to the press.

This announcement came a few minutes after the news agency south Korean Yonhap has reported an explosion heard and smoke is rising from an industrial complex joint which houses the liaison office cross-border.

Multiple attacks from Pyongyang since the beginning of June

Since the beginning of the month, Pyongyang has stepped up the attacks the vitriol against its neighbor, in particular against the defectors north Korean, from South, send to North leaflets of propaganda across the demilitarized Zone.

These fliers are often attached to balloons that fly up to the territory of north korea, or inserted in bottles thrown into the border river. They usually contain some criticisms of the balance sheet of Kim Jong A in the field of Human rights, or its nuclear ambitions.

This destruction occurs after threats were made this weekend by Kim Yo Jong, sister of north Korean leader Kim Jong One.

“In a short time, the unnecessary liaison office between the North and the South will be completely destroyed during a tragic scene”, she warned.

And last week, the north Korean regime announced the closure of its channels of communication in political and military terms with the”enemy” of south korea.

The Kremlin, worried, calls for “restraint”

The Kremlin has expressed on Tuesday its concern and called on North Korea, and South to the “restraint”.

“For the time being, there is no concrete project, contacts at the top,” he explained. This means that Russia is not currently engaged in a mediation.


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