World North Korea blows up liaison office in the border...

North Korea blows up liaison office in the border village of Kaesong on THE


North Korea Tuesday morning in a building in the border village of Kaesong-off. The building was used by both the North and the South of Korea, used as a liaison office, sign in, South Korea media. The action follows a tense week, with a variety of threats from North Korea.

The liaison office had been at the end of 2018 and in its use. The staff of the building came from the two countries, and there have been no reports created by casualties.

The building was seen as a first step towards restoring the communication between South and North Korea. The two countries are able to prior to make use of a few of the lines between the two governments, ” wrote The New York Times before. By 2018, however, quickly took steps to improve the relationship.

In the last days, walking down the already tense atmosphere between the two countries is high. North Korea have accused their neighbors of the negligence of an act of the South Korean activists who were using the balloons ‘propagandapamfletten” North Korea to let in driving.

It was substantial criticism of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. Since then, it threatened North Korea with it’s going in the demilitarized zone, and a severing of all communication with their neighbours.

With the latter, knowing it would one day be launched: all the lines of communication between the two armies, and the council offices would be shut down on the action at Kaesong would seem to be a direct correlation with.



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