Nobody can stop Phoenix: The Suns beat the Brooklyn Nets and have now added 16 consecutive wins

Phoenix Suns it is in a state of grace. No one can stop the Monty Williams team. The Arizona franchise has managed this morning to beat nothing more and nothing less than Brooklyn Nets (113-107) to increase his consecutive winning streak to 16.

He has also achieved it in a big way. Phoenix has managed to overcome a brilliant performance by Kevin Durant (39 points, nine rebounds, seven assists and four steals) and a triple-double by James Harden (12-13-14) to continue stalking the Warriors with a record of 17- 3 (GSW, 17-2). Key performances of the two Suns stars:

  • Devin Booker: 30 points, four assists and 4-6 on triples (66.7% T3).
  • Chris Paul: 22 points, eight rebounds and five assists.


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