Technology No Samsung-Updates: These Galaxy Smartphones, the Support From threatens-

No Samsung-Updates: These Galaxy Smartphones, the Support From threatens-


The example of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the Galaxy A7 is good to understand that the System Samsung with the above-described 3-year cycle follows a rough Plan, but not carved in stoneBoth models came in the year 2017 on the market – the Galaxy S8 received until April 2020, however, also some 3 years later, monthly Updates, while the Galaxy A7 is currently in the last category, and probably in the next few months, all from the collection out is likely to fall.

The difference here is in the Detail: While the Galaxy S series is the High-End models of the company, is situate in the A-row in the middle class, which is of course also reflected in the sale price. Probably that’s why the S models (as well as the Note series) are longer with regular Updates supplies. It is also expected that Samsung will extend the S8 Support, despite Appearing three years ago, still clear.

Also, the Galaxy S7 (release date 2016) was until recently in the second category (quarterly Updates), although it may get the actual rhythm that no Updates have been more. The Galaxy S6, which was released in 2015, has been set to Support, however, after almost exactly three years (to 2018). Easy to imagine that Samsung is making the procedure of pay, ultimately, of the active user-dependent.


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