Business No more expensive E-Bikes: the bikes are affordable

No more expensive E-Bikes: the bikes are affordable


For an average-good E-Bike, you need to spend a good € 2,500. Test winner of our buying advice start at around 4,000 euros. A lot of money, especially if you want to ride first in the summer and possibly in the autumn. Since the concept could “rent instead of buy” the nerve of many interested parties.
Bicycle subscription is not a new concept, so Swapfiets power for a long time in Germany, customers of the offer, to rent for 16.50 euros, or 19 euros a bike per month. Also Tchibo was already a Co-op with Swapfiets, where you pay the same prices, but the registration fee saving (CHIP reported). However, it is normal bikes, so no E-Bikes.

Swapfiets but more recently, a logical step, and also offers an E-Bike variant, to Hire.The price: 75 Euro per month, so a-rod more money. Big advantage in contrast to buying: the rent is also a repair and maintenance service is included. And you can rent the wheels really month-to-month, alternative offers will require a minimum of 3 months rental period. A fly in the ointment there is currently Swapfiets: The E-Bikes are not yet available for Munich: July, in Berlin and Hamburg you have to wait, for example until September.

Alternatively, the website offers eBike Abo bicycles to rent. Here is the big advantage that you have much more than just a bike to choose from: Currently 22 bike models are available, including not only City-E-Bikes, but also Trekking and Mountain Bikes. Even a children’s E-Bike stores in the Portfolio. For this selection, you have to grab much deeper in the bag: Between 99 and 149 euros will be due and payable, and the rental period is, in the case of time equal to twelve months. You choose a shorter term of six or only three months of eBike subscription rates of up to 189 Euro calls. A rent just for a month as in the case of Swapfiets is not possible.
A larger selection offers Otto Now with its E-Bikes for rent. However, from 30 different models, only three are currently available. It seems as if this rental E-Bikes would be very much in demand. Here you can also rent your E-Bike three, six, twelve or even 24 months. The shorter the period, the higher the monthly rent. As you scroll, for example, for the currently available Fischer E-Bike EM 1966i per month 194 Euro, if you want to rent it only for the next three months. Just for comparison: The E-Bike you can get for 2,200 Euro in popular Online-Shops. Say: after about a year, the rent would have added up to the purchase price. In the rent at Otto, Now a repair & replacement is included in the Service.
The principle of “Rent instead of buy” also operates the Platform Groverrather known, that you can rent consumer electronics.Only two E-Bikes from fisherman’s Grover currently offers, one of which is ideal for the City, because it is extremely handy. After all, both E-Bikes are, without large waiting time available. The price also fluctuates here depending on the rental period 50 euros, with a minimum of 18 months of rental periods up to 130 euros with only three months of the rental period. With the Grover-Care-warranty 90 per cent of the repair costs in case of damage.

Conclusion: With Swapfiets you get the most flexible deal, because, after all, you can cancel for a month. However, when selecting only a single E-Bike model is the Council of Europe. The largest selection of eBike subscription, where you with significantly more than 100 Euro per month to rent to expect if you don’t want to bind for more than three months offers. The prices for a month’s rent are not without, but remember that you can book all-inclusive package, because Service and repair are usually included to a large extent.


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