Entertainment NikkieTutorials, the Youtuber beauty comes out

NikkieTutorials, the Youtuber beauty comes out


This Monday, January 13, the Youtuber beauty Nikkie de Jager appeared in tears on her channel. The reason ? A blackmailer threatens to reveal his secret. Having taken courage in both hands, La Youtubeuse has announced to its millions of subscribers that it is transgender.

We don’t need a label, but if we have to put one, yes I’m transgender. But at the end of the day, I’m me, Nikkie

Tears in my eyes, trembling voice, Youtuber beauty Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials has revealed to be transgender. The one that, according to the magazine Forbes in 2017, one of the 10 most important beauty influencers in the world has just admitted a secret she’s kept for 11 years.

Evolution over time

Those who are interested in beauty and makeup couldn’t miss this doe-eyed blonde Dutch girl. His collaborations with Lady Gaga, Too Faced, or even Fenty Beauty, have made NikkieTutorials an outstanding influencer in the world of beauty. But in 2020 “it’s time to understand respect and yourself“.

So, in front of his 12 million subscribers, Nikkie de Jager announced “to be born in the wrong body“. For 17 minutes, she explains that she always felt “girl”, And this since his birth. La Youtubeuse says that at 6 she started her transformation starting with growing hair.

“Everything about me was feminine”

My mother always thought that I would be gay or that I would end up otherwise. And I ended up differently“She thanks before adding that everything”what you need when you are a child is a parent who understands, who listens and who respects“. Nikkie de Jager took his first hormones at 14 to prevent him from growing up, “because (it would have been) even greater than it (it is) today“.

His complete transition, she saw it at 19 years old “and it happened when (she) was already on Youtube, which is crazy to say today, because (she) really became (her), in front of you all“. So it’s after being victim of blackmail and threats, that young NikkieTutorials announced to be transgender. Her boyfriend Dylan supports her in this new stage in her life.

I want to inspire little Nikkies who feel worried, who don’t feel out of place, who feel misunderstood. I want to inspire others to live their lives the way they want and the way they deserve“.

A caring community

Find his very moving speech in this video. For more information, watch the video above.


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