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Nikkie de Jager broke up with part of family because they did not accept her NOW


Nikkie de Jager has lost contact with a number of family members. The presenter and YouTuber (26) tells in a video on her YouTube channel that they did not respond positively when De Jager said she wanted to change sex.

“My father’s family wouldn’t accept it,” said De Jager in the video, answering questions about LGBTI issues from viewers.

“Even when I was younger and showing how I felt, they couldn’t or wouldn’t understand. I know what it feels like to be rejected,” says the makeup artist in response to a question from a fan who has been through the same thing.

“The only healthy choice I could make was to cut off contact with that part of the family. It was energizing and didn’t feel right.”

‘I never felt comfortable with labels’

De Jager posted a video in early 2020 in which she says she was born in the wrong body. The makeup artist was born as a boy, but dressed as a girl from an early age and started hormone treatments in her teens.

De Jager announced shortly afterwards that she shared her story because she was being blackmailed. She wanted to tell herself before the blackmailers would do this.



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