Nidji Checks Sound at JIS, PDIP Calls Anies Sindir Giring’s Way

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Floor leader PDI Perjuangan DKI Jakarta DPRD Gembong Warsono assesses the steps of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan who also watched the band group Nidji check sound at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) was a political move to satirize the PSI General Chair Ganesha’s Sleigh.

Giring is a former vocalist of Nidji, now that he has entered politics, he often criticizes Anies, especially regarding the Formula E event.

“Now he’s said to be sarcastic with Nidji’s band, this is political satirical language… Pak Anies knows exactly. But the public can read it,” said Gembong when contacted, Monday (17/1).

Furthermore, Gembong also highlighted the progress of JIS development. He asked Anies not to keep promising the launching of JIS, but in fact it has not been implemented until now.

“Yesterday, the promise in December will be launched. But the fact is that it was almost mid-January that didn’t materialize. Then he promised again in February, so February can be caught or not. Before conveying it to the public, first coordinating with Jakpro as the holder of responsibility for the assignment given by the Provincial Government ,” he said.

He also encouraged Anies to focus on completing the construction of the stadium, which is said to be able to accommodate 80 thousand spectators.

“Because once again this is a program from the governor to the governor, our hope is that it can be realized, interpreting it that way,” he said.

The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan, was previously amazed to see the performance of Nidji’s band trying out the sound or sound check at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS).

Anies said his activities at that time were also inspections of 93 percent of the completion of stadium construction.

“Spectacular! The music is blaring, the voice is melodious, there is no discord,” said Anies on his Facebook page, quoted Monday (17/1).

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