NFL Playoffs –

For one of the home teams to win the Superbowl this year, like the Tampa Bay Bucs, is not impossible, but it will be difficult. We have a preview of the favorites ahead of the playoffs.

The strength of their squad shows that the Los Angeles Rams’ triumph is not impossible. With these, they were able to achieve first place in the NFC West and received sports betting odds of 12.30 (as of 01/17/21) on the Super Bowl victory. Super Bowl bets are particularly popular at the moment, with the Bet at home Bonus this bet can become even more successful. There is currently a 50% bonus of up to €100 from the betting provider, which recently completed a test with “excellent”. In comparison, the Rams’ consistency isn’t great. The performances were too inconsistent and there is a fear that hopes were placed too much on this season (compared to the future). Above all, they must avoid turnovers in the playoffs. The 18 interceptions in the regular season were too many and can quickly lead to elimination at the current stage of the season.

As with the Rams, a lot has been invested in the current season and it is still uncertain what changes will happen in the summer. Whether he stays or not, Aaron Rodgers is having another MVP-worthy season. He’s a real difference player and works well with Davante Adams. The defense is also stronger this year. In the NFC finals, there could be a duel with Tom Brady and the Tamba Bay Bucs. After the first division win since 2007 and holding last year’s Super Bowl team, one hopes for a successful title defense. However, a number of key players have recently been injured, including Chris Godwin, who was Brady’s favorite receiver until his injury. In addition to all this, the theater also perished Antonio Brown added. The Kansas City Chiefs also want to have a say. After a bumpy start to the season, they showed a clear improvement in performance throughout the season. The defensive in particular was able to stabilize and bring the team back to winning ways. With Mahomes as quarterback, a touchdown should be possible at any time.

This year’s play-offs promise high tension. So this year there are more favorites and candidates for the title than ever before. Of course, the biggest contenders are the Packers, Bucs and Chiefs. Nevertheless, one must not forget the Rams, who have additional motivation through the home final. In any case, suspense is guaranteed until the end.

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