Neymar’s big party in the disco basement

There has always been something dusty about the party basement. When you think of him, wood-paneled walls come to mind, the furniture in rustic oak. The air breathes the memory of countless Schafkopf evenings and has never been polluted by a smoking ban. And dad’s real treasures slumber in the glass showcases: Fernet-Branca. The bitter bloodroot from the Bavarian Forest. Good Willi. Party room stop.

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In fact, the Brazilian star striker Neymar also has a party room. It has little in common with the space described at the beginning, which is often also declared as a “hobby room”. Because it is a large cellar. So something really big. Okay, to be precise: such a huge party cellar, as it should be for the self-proclaimed best and, with a transfer fee of 222 million euros, most expensive footballer of all time.

According to reports, there should be space for 500 people in the area below Neymar’s villa near São Paulo. This includes huge sound systems, a stage, space for several dance floors, a drinks bar and what you need to celebrate a bit comfortably in the local open-plan disco.

According to a report in the Brazilian newspaper Mundo Deportivo, the Paris St. Germain striker took advantage of this space to celebrate the New Year in style. For three days in a row. The 29-year-old didn’t mind that he had to wear a splint because of a sprained ankle.

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For the party, Neymar imposed a social media ban on his guests: No videos or pictures should leave the party. The only exception: when the boss himself is on the smartphone. His Instagram channel was in continuous operation around the New Year: videos of bands performing on the basement stage, of fireworks that detonated from the pool into the sky.

All of this may have little to do with the classic idea of ​​the party room. And yet it is a nice idea if at some point in these three stylish high-gloss party days something of the classic rustic oak charm had not been retained. A Neymar who awkwardly conjures up the good Williams Christ or whispers to his guests that “there is still a mushroom between the liver and spleen” – this picture belongs to a party room. Even that of a football star.


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