New York woman dies after being pushed onto subway tracks by homeless man

A 40-year-old woman died on Saturday in New York (United States) after being pushed onto the subway tracks by a man at Times Square station. The incident occurred around 9:30 a.m., reports the New York Times, relayed by Free.

The attack would be random, the main suspect having had no interaction with the victim before pushing him under the metro which arrived at the station. The man then went himself to a police station to confess his act. He is 61 years old, reportedly suffering from mental illness and possibly homeless.

A plan to ensure safety in the metro

The suspect was already known to the police, in particular for attempted burglary. A testimony also claimed that he would have already tried earlier in the morning to push a woman on the rails. The victim was of Asian descent. Although acts of hate of this kind have increased since the arrival of Covid-19, this murder would not have been committed out of racism.

After his custody, the individual was indicted for intentional homicide without premeditation. New York Mayor Eric Adams spoke on Twitter, recalling the upcoming creation of a device to ensure the safety of subway users and fight the homeless crisis in the city.

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