New York: she lived with the body of her husband for several months

New York police made a gruesome discovery this weekend during an intervention in Brooklyn. A septuagenarian kept the body of her husband, who died months ago.

According to the police, questioned by the New York Post, the body of Brent Shapiro, 84, was “decomposed”.

His wife is said to suffer from “pathological hoarding”, a disorder that causes the person who suffers from it not to get rid of things, even obsolete ones.

The couple’s children had requested that a “well-being” check be carried out at home.

After the discovery, the deceased’s wife told investigators she intended to wait “a year” before reporting the death.

For the time being, if the medical examiner has confirmed the death of the octogenarian, the circumstances of the death have not yet been established. According to the New York police, the criminal track would not be considered.

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