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Police operation in front of the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York: The building was cordoned off on Thursday because a man with a gun was walking around directly in front of it.

A UN spokesman said the weapon could be a shotgun.

A man in a red jacket can be seen in photos at the fence of the UN building. Under his chin: the barrel of a gun. The police are trying to get the man to give up, writes the New York Post. A police spokesman said mediators had long tried to resolve the situation peacefully.

After about two hours, he surrendered to a large contingent of police, who even used a special tracked vehicle. The background to the incident initially remained unclear.


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The man is taken away by the security officersPhoto: CARLO ALLEGRI / REUTERS

The area around the UN headquarters in Manhattan was cordoned off and dozens of emergency services were deployed.

Das Gebiet rund um den UN-Hauptsitz wurde abgesperrt, viele Einsatzwagen waren im EinsatzPhoto: Benno Schwinghammer/dpa

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The area around the UN headquarters has been cordoned off and many emergency vehicles are in usePhoto: Benno Schwinghammer/dpa

People at the UN headquarters were asked to get to safety. According to the police, however, there was never a danger to the public.

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