New Video Shows Missed Boba Fett Gameplay

If you want to see Boba Fett in ACtion, you can currently access The Book of Boba Fett series on Disney+. Fans could even have slipped into the bounty hunter’s Beskar armor in the defunct Star Wars 1313 project. A new video shows what could have been, but shouldn’t have been.

Star Wars 1313: You could have played Boba Fett

Cartels, bounty hunters and the underworld of the Star Wars universe, a setting that so far only the series have really taken up. Be it The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian or The Book of Boba Fett. The dark side of Star Wars has a lot of potential even without the Sith. Why isn’t there a video game about this?

Fans remember (some painfully). Star Wars 1313. The game should revolve around bounty hunters and criminal activities on the city planet Coruscant. The third-person shooter was supposed to find the protagonist in a hitherto unknown character, as you can see in the trailer that was released at Gamescom 2012:

But the main character was quickly replaced by the more prominent one Boba Fett replaced. Star Wars 1313 was intended as a single player game for a more mature audience, but the project was shelved after Disney bought LucasArts. In addition to shooter elements, the gameplay should also be aimed at parkour.

With Boba Fett through the underworld of Coruscant

Such a parkour insert is now in a new one Gameplay-Video to see. Of course, what you see there is far from a finished game, but it shows what Star Wars 1313 could have been. In the video, you can first watch the well-known bounty hunter walking through a busy alleyway in the lower town. After that follows a chase, in which the parkour elements in particular can be seen clearly.

The video offers at least an impression of the gloomy mood and also shows in which direction the gameplay would have developed. Chasing criminals through the alleys of Coruscant’s underworld as Boba Fett sounded like a promising adventure to many fans. When it comes to Star Wars and video games, you still have to stick to EA. The publisher recently announced three new Star Wars games to have in production.

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