New validity periods for COVID certificates

COVID certificates issued in other countries outside the EU will now be recognized in our country

New terms of validity for some of the COVID certificates have been announced by the Ministry of Health. For example, when vaccinated with a single dose vaccine, the document will become valid from the 15th, not from the 14th day, as before. Again, from the 15th, and not from the 11th day, as it was originally announced, the certificate for the survivors who proved their disease with a quick antigen test or PCR will become valid. However, if the document is issued by another country, including the EU, it will be valid from the 11th day.

This is clear from the latest order of the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov.

The document for the first dose of a two-dose vaccine will be available for only 15 days, it is clear from the order. It will be valid from the 15th to the 30th day of the first needle, after which the second needle should be inserted and the immunized person should obtain a vaccination certificate, which will take effect immediately.

COVID certificates issued in other countries outside the EU will now be recognized in our country. Many of our compatriots faced a similar problem, especially from the United States, who were vaccinated there, but here their documents were not recognized and they had to take tests. Now the order of Minister Katsarov provides for these certificates to be accepted, and they must contain the names of the person, date of birth, date on which the appropriate dose of vaccine against COVID-19, serial number of the dose, as well as the total number of doses in vaccines to be given twice, the trade name of the vaccine against COVID-19, the name of the manufacturer / marketing authorization holder, the country in which it was issued and the name of the issuing competent authority.

The final validity of the disease certificates remains unchanged – 1 year for Bulgaria, as well as of those issued after PCR or antigen test – 72 and 48 hours, respectively.


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