News New unrest Monday night in Dijon, france after a...

New unrest Monday night in Dijon, france after a weekend of restless


Dijon has again been the scene of tension Monday night. The police had to disperse a crowd of men wearing balaclavas and armed wanting to defend their neighbourhood after three punitive expeditions carried out by members of the chechen community in the course of the weekend. For the fourth night in a row, in a town little accustomed to this kind of disorder, dozens of people armed with iron bars and handguns, which no one knows if they are fake or not, gathered on Monday in the sensitive area of the Grésilles. Some of the images circulating on the social networks, that it was impossible to precisely date, were particularly impressive.

These men in balaclavas for the most part shot in the air, destroyed cameras, video surveillance and set fire to garbage cans and vehicles, said police sources. A team of journalists from France 3 “has been taking part in and his vehicle caillassé” and a driver has been “assaulted and his vehicle was thrown against a barricade of burning”according to the prefecture.

A question of territory

To 20 hours 30, 60 gendarmes mobiles, a quarantine of CRS and reinforcements of the brigade, tasked with fighting crime (BAC), as well as of the RAID, have intervened in order to put an end to the violence. “A hundred opponents” were then confronted by the forces of order, said the prefect of Côte d’or Bernard Schmeltz. The intervention was completed around 22 hours, leaving only a few charred carcasses of garbage bins and vehicles in the area once again became calm. Four people were arrested. According to the prefect Schmeltz, the alleged harasser did not belong to the chechen community, unlike these last three days where several tens or even hundreds of them had gathered in the city centre of Dijon, then to Grésilles, to carry out targeted attacks in an apparent settling of accounts. “We have not identified any presence outside, what are people from Dijon.”

Sources in police have specified that these new attacks were the result of people wanting to defend their “territory” against the repeated incursions of the Chechens. In the evening, the ministry of the Interior ruled “ineligible” the “violent public disorder and acts of intimidation” in recent days, promising “a firm response”. The secretary of State, Laurent Nunez goes on site this Tuesday.

“To see Violence in Dijon: this is what happened

An investigation

The prosecutor of Dijon, Eric Mathais, had reported earlier Monday that “six wounded,” had been registered “in total, in three successive episodes (Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening)” for no one was arrested. An investigation has been opened, “in particular, for attempted murder organised, damage, incitement to violence”in cosaisine between the judicial police and the public security, according to him. “These are apparently members of the chechen community who have called on social networks from Friday to avenge the violence committed on a young by people from the community in the maghreb. Three nights in a row, it was therefore up to 140 people who come to Dijon in this context”, the prosecutor stated on France Bleu.

“As justice goes too late and that the police do not have the means of its action, the chechen community has come to respect her own right. We are no longer in the republic when it happens like this” denounced the city’s mayor, François Rebsamen.



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