New Hero Natan Mobile Legends Release Date Leaked 2021

New Hero Natan Mobile Legends Release Date Leaked 2021

After previously this hero has gotten a bit of a unique gameplay leak. Nathan, who is the newest hero in Mobile Legends 2021, finally has a leaked release date.

Yes, the newest hero in Mobile Legends 2021 will be released in July 2021. According to the latest information from a trusted leaker in Indonesia, this is the release date of Natan’s hero.

Nathan Mobile Legends Release Date

At the same time, you can see the entrance from Hero Natan in Mobile Legends, both for his own hero and his Normal skin which was released at the same time as the hero.

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There is something interesting about this Nathan’s Hero. Where this Hero is the first hero to have his own music.

How about that, isn’t that cool! Of course, this possibility will also be applied to the next heroes.

And what is clear according to the leaks circulating this hero will be present on July 23, 2021 later.

I must have been really impatient waiting for the arrival of this new hero after last month there were no new heroes because the next project will revamp the old heroes in Mobile Legends.

Moreover, this hero has the role of Marksman, which was last released by Brody, which was released some time ago.

Of course, Nathan, who has a unique gameplay, you can immediately see below. Can make meta changes in Mobile Legends in the future with basic attacks that can be said to be unique.

For those of you who want to buy, it’s better to prepare your diamonds or battle points so that when they are released you can immediately buy the hero.

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