New function arrives on WhatsApp that will instantly show you what others say about you

First of all, we have to remember that the most used app in Brazil is innovating every day and, this time, a new WhatsApp function arrives that will instantly show you what others say about you.

First, we have to remember that most people are present in different groups and, for this reason, they end up not being able to follow all the messages.

Most, in fact, are not that important, but sometimes we end up missing some that really deserved our attention.

In view of this, WhatsApp started to work on a resource which will allow us to know everything even if we are not following the groups. That is, as soon as they are mentioned in a conversation, we will know immediately.

New function arrives on WhatsApp that will instantly show you what others say about you

It is worth remembering that previously we only had a text alert in the app when someone sent us a message.

Thus, the novelty is that now the photo of the person who spoke about you will appear immediately in the notifications sent by WhatsApp.

Additionally, this change is part of a larger feature designed to make WhatsApp notifications more informative.

However, only a select group of WhatsApp Beta testers have access to this new feature at the moment.

More information

However, as this is a feature that is still in its initial phase, it should only be officially released by the application after all tests are over.

That’s because the messenger always uses this process to validate the usability and usefulness of the mechanisms implemented in WhatsApp.

In summary, depending on these results, the update may be restricted to WhatsApp Beta users only.

However, it is finally worth noting that most features in tests are released months later — such as the one that allows you to send temporary photos or use WhatsApp on more than one device.

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