New FACTS Women claim to be ridiculed by the police when they report being victims of forced abuse, it turns out that the reports are fake Reporter, Tri Widodo

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – New facts about the woman with the initial R in Boyolali, Central Java, who claimed to be ridiculed by the police when reporting being a forced victim was revealed.

It turned out that the report was just a charade.

What R said, that he was a victim, was forced to lie.

R has a relationship like husband and wife with a man in a hotel on a consensual basis.

It is known, R is a resident of Simo Subdistrict, Boyolali.

The investigation of the R case is now entering a new round.

The results are surprising.

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After being confronted, R admitted that he had committed an intimate act with GWS (previously written as GR) which he previously reported as coercive.

Through information received by, the Central Java Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Ahmad Luthfi through the Head of Humas Kombes Pol M Iqbal Alqudusy said, R could not dodge after the police presented some evidence.

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