“Never condemn children,” Pope urges parents to be understanding of homosexual children

Pope Francis.

Pope Francis.

Photo: Yara Nardi / REUTERS / SCANPIX / LETA

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday urged parents not to condemn their children if they are homosexual.

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The Pope spoke to a general audience on Wednesday dedicated to St. Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Francis said he had thought especially of parents who encounter “sad” situations in their children’s lives.


Referring to parents whose children are ill, imprisoned or killed in car accidents, Francis added: “Parents who see that their children have different sexual orientations, how they deal with them and support their children and do not hide their condemnation.”

“Never condemn children,” he said.


Francis tried to make the church more favorable to homosexuals, and in this context, what he said in 2013 – “who am I to judge” – caused a great deal of resonance.

The Argentine Jesuit also spoke of his service to the gay and transgender community, insisting that they were children of God, loved by God, and that they deserved the support of the church.


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