Netjets airline vip Djokovic luxuries whims

Serbian Novak Djokovic, the center of criticism for his controversy over vaccines, is one of the ‘vips’ who enjoy the services of the American airline Netjets for their long-distance trips. Among other things, the Serbian is offered a menu in this cabin that is consistent with his type of diet as an athlete and enjoys the fastest Wi-Fi connection on the market.

It is true that many celebrities have private planes in property to avoid the hassle of traveling on commercial lines such as delays, boarding queues, heavy passengers who insist on asking for autographs… Antonio Banderas (61), Cristiano Ronaldo (36), Julio Iglesias (78) the John Travolta (67) are some of the familiar faces that have paid tens of millions for these aerial jewels, however, others prefer to rent them to avoid high maintenance costs. Although some of these owners also lease them to amortize their investment.

Others are more fortunate because some companies sponsor them. Such is the case of the recently controversial Novak Djokovic (34) who, for his movements, uses some of the Netjets aircraft, the largest fleet in the world that has been operating for almost 60 years on all continents.

This company has sponsored the Serbian tennis player since 2015, as it does with other tennis players, Roger Federer (40). Although Djokovic arrived in Australia on a regular Emirates flight and was deported on the same company, owned by the Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum (63), a member of the royal family of Dubai, he usually travels in style.

Djokovic boards a Netjets plane.

Djokovic has known how to take advantage of private planes, which satisfy the most demanding tastes of their passengers. First of all, the American company Netjets has a report with the athlete’s personal requirements and calendar that have to be strictly adhered to due to his busy schedule in the ATP.

The service wifi has the highest speed on the market, the entertainment proposals are renewed weekly (movies, games, series and music), the menu is made based on the ingredients it takes (vegetables, white meats, seeds, lentils, fruits, fish and pure oils) and foreign press is always available in several languages.

One of the requirements that the current number one in the ATP list values ​​the most is his health. That is why he trusts this American subsidiary company of the multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, owned by Warren Buffett (91), one of the richest men on the planet. Crew members receive comprehensive training for the use of emergency medical equipment such as defibrillators, professional first-aid kits and oxygen cylinders, among others.

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