Netflix tests free subscription in Kenya – IT Pro – News

So because there are no local initiatives yet, netflix shouldn’t exist there? Weird reasoning.

First of all, they do have alternatives and it’s about numbers

Asia has +800mln young people, Africa has +600mln young people, 20 to 30 percent of them fall under the middle class.

In both the US and EU, the stretch is simply out,
in India and other asian countries it is disappointing and they go for their own services,

Africa has relatively little of its own VOD, but several countries have a comparable NPO where you can scroll back for example 6 hours. Even if you miss a program, you can rewind. And you are not limited to your own country because you can use those apps in other countries.

What Netflix is ​​doing now is profit optimization at the expense of local providers. It costs them practically nothing, legislation allows it, every paying customer is a profit.
The costs are largely spread over western countries.

And given the structure of US companies, they don’t care for that long. Netflix will not automatically say 40% local content.

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