Netflix is ​​filming the thriller ‘Munich’


BERLIN (dpa-AFX) – Some films about historical events do this quite well. Even if you know the outcome, the story has long happened, you like to watch and notice the tension in your body. It’s the same with Christian Schwochow’s new thriller “Munich – In the Face of War”. The film can be seen on the Netflix streaming service from Friday (January 21) and is set between the First and Second World Wars.

Oxford, 1932: three friends get drunk at a party, lie in a meadow, make out, debate about the future. They are played by George MacKay (“1917”), Jannis Niewöhner (“Je Suis Karl”) and Liv Lisa Fries (“Babylon Berlin”). The fact that they are also talking about the “new Germany” that is just emerging makes the lines of conflict foreseeable.

The film continues six years later. Adolf Hitler (Ulrich Matthes) is now in power in Germany. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (Jeremy Irons) wants to prevent a new war at all costs. The future of the Sudetenland should therefore be clarified at a meeting in Munich. There two of the friends from Oxford meet again.

The two have since lost touch. At some point you realize that they didn’t part on good terms. Hugh Legat (MacKay) now works for the British government and Paul von Hartmann (Niewohner) for the German government. So one could assume that both are on different sides of history. But it turns out differently.

The film, based on the novel “Munich” by British author Robert Harris, asks a crucial question: Would you have been able to kill someone yourself – in this case, kill Hitler – if you had had the chance? The filming manages to tell a piece of world politics using personal lines of conflict.

A big plus is the cast: Sandra Hüller (“Toni Erdmann”) is seen as a smoking secretary, Oscar winner Irons as the British Prime Minister and Ulrich Matthes plays a Hitler, who should be remembered in an unusual way. The two quite young actors MacKay and Niewöhner can also convince you while watching./kil/DP/eas

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