Nearly 98 thousand children in Peru have become orphans due to Covid-19

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Nearly 98 thousand children in Peru being orphaned or orphaned by the loss of a parent or primary caregiver due to infection Covid-19. The country has the highest coronavirus death rate in the world.

“Unfortunately our country has nearly 98,000 children who have lost their father, mother or guardian during the pandemic,” said Peru’s Minister of Women, Anahi Durand, citing figures released by the journal The Lancet, which was quoted as saying. AFP, Friday (7/1).

According to calculations AFP, Peru holds the highest position in the total number of Covid-19 deaths, with more than 6,000 people per one million dying from the virus.

The Peruvian government currently provides pension funds of US$50 or Rp700 thousand every two months to more than 18,000 families.

Durand hopes that assistance can be expanded, including to provide psychological support, education and be able to reach more than 83 thousand children and adolescents.

The main problem under the current system, he continued, is that many families do not have the necessary qualifications to receive aid.

“Many families come to us and want to access pensions, but they don’t have death certificates for Covid-19, in the first and second wave of people dying at home, they don’t have the requirements to get that certificate,” Durand explained.

The country of 33 million is currently experiencing the third wave of Covid-19.

To date, the total number of Covid-19 cases in Peru has reached two million and more than 202,900 people have died.


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