Nearly 1/3 of the deputies are quarantined

GERB’s PG informed about the positive test of its colleague at the presidential council

Temenuzhka Petkova is in hospital with COVID, and the leadership of the parliament is silent

Nearly 1/3 of the deputies may find themselves in mandatory quarantine after Temenuzhka Petkova tested positive for COVID during a routine hospital check-up.

Ms. Temenuzhka Petkova’s colleagues who were in contact with her will be quarantined and this is within the competence of RHI-Sofia. This was stated to Trud by the Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova in connection with the contact persons of the former Minister of Energy, now GERB MP Temenuzhka Petkova, who was hospitalized with coronavirus on Friday.

The situation is similar to the quarantine of participants in the National Security Advisory Council (NSC), who were quarantined after the positive COVID test of Parliament Speaker Nikola Minchev, commented anxiously MPs from various parliamentary groups who learned from the media that Petkova was in hospital . Petkova herself has been vaccinated, and the reason she is in hospital is a hypertensive crisis. However, she was tested and found to have coronavirus.

Although the leadership of GERB’s PG informed about the situation with its colleague in the morning at the presidential council, the parliament leadership did not send a message to the MPs, MPs from various parliamentary groups told Trud. Some MPs learned from the media that Petkova is in stable condition, but in hospital.

“Contact persons should be isolated. “No one was looking for me from RHI-Sofia, I just learned that Mrs. Petkova is in hospital, she was at a meeting of the Budget Committee yesterday, we were at a distance, but we were sitting,” financier and former Health Minister Kiril told Trud. Ananiev shortly before 11.30 on Friday.

Throughout Thursday, Petkova had no symptoms and even took part in the debates in the plenary hall and in the meetings of the two parliamentary committees – on budget and energy. There are a total of 23 deputies in the Budget Committee and 21 in the Energy Committee.

Separately, at least 10-15 deputies were in the immediate vicinity of Petkova in the plenary hall during the parliamentary session itself. And there are 59 people in GERB’s PG. Thus, the bill for the quarantined can increase to 80 people or 1/3 of a total of 240 deputies. Most of the chosen ones have been vaccinated. It is expected that in the next few days the deputies will take tests.

RHI-Sofia in front of “Trud”: Mandatory quarantine for all contacts

In connection with the positive result for COVID-19 of the MP Temenujka Petkova, the Sofia RHI is currently conducting epidemiological studies of its contact persons. This was announced for “Trud” by RHI-Sofia. According to the order of the Minister of Health, they will be placed under mandatory quarantine, according to information from the department of Dancho Penchev.

“We process all information and follow the rules that are the same for everyone,” Dancho Penchev told Trud.

Proposal by the experts

They are considering not having a certificate for antibodies

The morbidity of the medical specialist is also a factor

The antibody certificate is valid only in our country.

The possibility of revoking the green certificate for antibodies, which is valid only in Bulgaria, is being discussed. This became clear from a comment of the Minister of Health Asena Serbezova after the parliamentary control today.

She clarified that there is still no solution to this, but discussions are underway and added that the rules in Bulgaria regarding the pandemic were one of the most liberal. Serbezova clarified that the inclusion of additional sites for which the requirement for a green certificate applies is not being discussed.

In connection with the National Operational Plan for dealing with COVID-19 presented on Thursday, the Minister explained that the occupancy rate of intensive care beds is given by the Regional Health Inspectorates (RHI).
According to her, in addition to the number of intensive care beds, the morbidity of medical specialists is also a priority. In the plan, Bulgaria is divided into six clusters.

A map with the relevant information about the model to be followed in the management of the pandemic is to be published on the website of the Council of Ministers.

The new policy in the national operational plan:

Influencers are convincing about vaccines via Instagram

Bet on “creative concept”

Influencers are on the front lines to convince people why they should get vaccinated.

Pages on social networks Facebook and Instagram, as well as a YouTube channel will be made by the government as part of its new policy to promote vaccination in our country. This is written in the National Operational Plan for Tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The campaign aims to “publish up-to-date, reliable and accessible information on vaccines and vaccination against COVID-19, as well as infographics and short explanatory videos of experts, stories of people who have contracted the virus, messages from opinion leaders, influencers, etc. on the topics of the day related to vaccines “, the document reads.

This is part of a changed approach that the health ministry will rely on to deal with the pandemic.

The authors of the plan also rely on a “comprehensive creative concept, by an external contractor”, with which to increase the percentage of vaccinated in our country. Definite answers to questions from different groups of people will be uploaded to a new site, which will include, among other things, a section “Factcheck”, which will refute misleading and false allegations – e.g. “Vaccines have not passed all phases of clinical trials.” For all this he will look for “logo and slogan”.


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