NBA rumors: Juancho Hernangómez and his departure from Boston Celtics

Season of Juancho Hernangómez it is being a real ordeal. Signed with Boston Celtics last summer and, although it was known that it would be difficult for him to have continuity in the game, he surely did not imagine that he would be such a residual player in Massachusetts. However, simply Ime Udoka does not count on him. The coach of the greens, who is completing a more than disappointing campaign, fails to get his team to show consistency. He has tried everything. Well, everything, except giving minutes to a Juancho who has sunk on the bench even when the team has been plagued with casualties due to coronavirus.

Thus, although they have not left rumores NBA lately around him putting him out of the TD Garden, as commented by the companions of Hoopshype, its light can come with the market close that will take place on February 10. The Celtics have very easy not to pay luxury tax this year: simply cutting a Juancho who is not counting at all for anything. We will see, because he has shown qualities throughout the last five years in the NBA to be able to be valid with a secondary role like the one he had in the Nuggets first and in the Wolves later.

An untenable situation for Juancho

Juancho Hernangómez was signed in summer by Boston Celtics to potentially have the role of first substitute in the position of ‘4’ and also to be able to add minutes as ‘3’ reserve and thus give rest to the stars. However, Grant Williams has eaten him up and behind him even a downhill player like Jabari Parker has played more minutes this season. Juancho’s guaranteed salary this year is 6.9 kilos. If the Celtics manage to place him on another team, the player would see the light and those of Massachusetts would be below the Luxury Tax.


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