NBA: Anti-vaccine Kyrie Irving will be able to play games in Brooklyn if the Nets pay ridiculous fines

Kyrie Irving will be able to play home games with the Nets as long as the franchise took over the fines that would entail the presence of the point guard in the pavilion. In a few days I could go from not playing to only doing it outside the house and now also in the Barclays Center, although, if that circumstance were to occur, many estates and a large part of the population would turn against the team.

Not being vaccinated against the coronavirus, According to a New York law, Irving cannot access closed spaces with a large influx of public. That he did so would be a progressive sanction for the company, in this case the Nets, no way from the warning of the first violation to the $5,000 of the fifth and forward. A ridiculous amount for the figures that are handled in the NBA.

It seems unlikely that the Nets will decide to waive the mandate from New York and make Irving play, but the franchise also said that it would not count on the part-time, only in away games, and when they were short of troops due to an outbreak of coronavirus they incorporated him into the team and there he is, playing only at home.

Strong social pressure, from the NBA and from New York

This time, however, they would have to deal with strong social pressure and probably with the disapproval by the NBA, in which the percentage of players vaccinated against the coronavirus is 97%. From the League it has already been said on several occasions that if a player was not vaccinated in accordance with local mandates, they would not be allowed to play in those jurisdictions.

It would also oppose the city of New York. The new mayor, Eric Adams, took office on January 1 and kept the vaccination mandates of his predecessor. Everything points to the fact that if the Nets break the rule with Irving, the law will be changed to establish more severe fines or even an update to current standards.


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